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Thank you for choosing Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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"Everything about my disc replacement surgery went as planned. Dr. Ahmadinia was thoughtful as well as professional. My recovery has gone well and, after just a few weeks, I am feeling great about my decision to use Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for my surgery needs." – Gary M.   

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"I had a knee replacement done by another doctor. Because of PT, the knee became loose within the bone and gave me pain constantly. I went to several doctors from the same practice and all said the joint was fine.  
I finally found Dr. Kunapuli, who graciously agreed to see me. The knee was loose and needed almost immediate attention. I had surgery May 3rd at the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital and Dr. Kunspuli replaced the knee joint and because of prior stem placement installed a long stem. The hospital and staff were great and kept me out of pain and so also the in-home therapy was great.
Dr. Kunapuli found that my shin bone was broken from the tibia
donw and also had to repair that. Dr. Kunapuli is a brilliant caring man and a highly skilled surgeon. I enjoy talking with him immensely.  
If anyone needs knee surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli for their surgery, as a matter of fact, we met a lady who we personally knew, was in for a consultation from Dr. Kunapuli and we joyfully recommended him and EOOC." – Kenneth W. 

"When I first saw Dr. Ahmadinia and surgery was recommended, I was pretty negative. My dad broke his  back when he was young and suffered throughout his life. Back surgery scared me. Besides, I am getting ready to attend the Transplant Games of America in Cleveland, Ohio, so I thought there was no way I could recover in time to go. I asked what would happen if I said no and was told it would likely get worse. I thought about it and agreed. Surgery was scheduled for May 11. I would have four weeks to recover. By the time I had the surgery, the pain in my back and legs had increased. After surgery, the pain was gone!  I even returned to work half days in three weeks! The only pain I have now is the healing from surgery, and it isn't very bad at all. In fact, I rarely need anything for it. I leave in one week for Cleveland. I can't begin to thank Dr. Ahmadinia enough. He is brilliant and a wonderful surgeon!" – Cheryl M. 

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"After suffering excruciating back pain for over a year, and falling and hurting my back more, I was referred to Dr. Hardage who found I had fractured two vertebrae. He prescribed a pain reliever and referred me to Dr. James Webb, who, within a few days, performed a balloon kyphoplasty which immediately relieved my back pain. Dr.  Hardage is now treating one of my daughters knee pain. We are both very happy with Dr. Hardage's care. He helped me get my life back." - Carroll S.

"I've visited him several times for my shoulder and he did really well. He did my ligament repair and did an excellent job. If I had to recommend my favorite/best doctor I've been to, it was him." - Shaydee

"Dr. Boone was very efficient. He asked about how I hurt my shoulder. X-rays were taken there in the office. Then I went to physical therapy, which was also right there in the office. Everyone that has helped me in that facility was friendly, kind, and caring. The facility was organized, clean, and up-to-date." - Jonnie W.

"Dr. Hardage and his staff were very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. It is my plan to continue using that office for orthopedic treatment." - Wilma F.

"Dr. Browne has always been friendly and courteous and willing to share information. He is scheduled to perform knee replacement for me mid July. I am looking forward to walking again without pain." - Donald F.

"Dr. Lorton diagnosed my shoulder problem on my first visit and successfully surgically repaired same. He is the best!!" - Jane J.

"I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. Dr. Boone explained the surgery and recovery in detail. Dr. Boone and his staff made me feel very relaxed and comfortable about the surgery and everyone from the PA to the physical therapist to the hospital surgical staff made the whole experience a real pleasure. I have made a full recovery and would recommend using this clinic for any orthopedic problems someone may have, I know I will." - Steven M.