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Thank you for choosing Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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"Left knee replacement, great job, like a new man" – Jerry P. 

"Dr. Bischoff is a great doctor. He is very caring and soft spoken. He took excellent care of me and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks so much for all you did for me, you are good at how you communicate with your patients. Just the best!" – Corrie D.

"I first met Dr. Kunapuli in November 2014 when he replaced my wife's left hip joint after she had broken it in a fall. He really went out of his way to make himself available after I insisted in the emergency room on a joint specialist, despite fine, trauma surgeons being on call. He was very caring, applied the latest techniques, and the result has been  a fine recovery.

In October 2015. I realized that a long-standing problem that had been bothering me was really a bad problem with my right hip. Dr. Kunapuli clearly explained my options to me. My choice was a full hip joint replacement by him in December. I was amazed to be up and beginning to walk with a walker the day of surgery. The next day I went home, and began to walk unassisted within 3 weeks. I would strongly recommend Dr. Kunapuli." – Robert E.              

"Frankly, it has been decades since I've had a surgeon with the level of patient dedication and caring I've experienced with Dr. Sarat Kunapuli, a Trauma Surgeon at EOOC. Although he's a very skilled, up-to-date, young doctor...in reality, he's more like the old-fashioned "treasured family physician" we once enjoyed having in this country before corporate medicine took over. And the good news is that my wife and I have both had the pleasure of experiencing first hand Dr. Kunapuli's impressive surgical skills and his kind "bedside manner". How many surgical specialists these days take the time to answer all your questions? Doctor Kunapuli does. How many physicians call their patients at home to check on their healing status after surgery? Dr. Kunapuli called both of us after our knee replacement procedures. How many busy surgeons such as Dr. Kunapuli arrange for their patients to be able to communicate their concerns to a nurse assistant? Dr. Kunapuli instructed his nurse to accept texts and photos from us, so that he could alleviate our worries about pain and incision issues, etc. In summary, I applaud the management at EOOC for having the foresight to retain physicians of Doctor Kunapuli's character, caring and surgical skills. We have since referred several new patients to his practice. In the end, It's that kind of patient loyalty that contributes tremendously to the success of a highly-reputable medical service provider such as EOOC. " – Bob Callaway

"EOOC and their staff are the absolute best staff to have on your side, it is nice to have doctors and nurses and staff that truly care about you and your issues and want to see you well in a timely matter!!!! Thank you and God Bless" – Megan G.

"I like his to the point answers instead of it might be... Also being almost 70 miles away he and the staff tried to make as few trips to Tulsa which I appreciate. This concern about me helps make the whole process easier especially when you have to have surgery." – Johnny M.   

"Great service. Takes the time to explain to you." – Gina B. 

"On June 29, 2015, Dr. Ahmadinia performed back surgery on me. I had complete confidence in Dr. Ahmadinia after my first time consulting with him. My back surgery was a complete success. Being pain-free is wonderful. I tried to do everything he told me to do in my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Ahmadinia to all my family and friends." – Shrley T. 

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"First class experience! If I ever need back surgery again, Dr. Boone will perform the procedure." – Rome S. 

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"Dr. Lorton seems to be an excellent surgeon. All went well with my shoulder surgery as it did with my spouse last year." – Jo T.