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Thank you for choosing Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

You can also read what our patients are saying about Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center by visiting our doctor profiles.


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"I had hip replacement in both hips, in one years time. I received excellent care and treatment from both doctors and staff. I would highly recommended Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to anyone needing orthopedic care of any type. Thank you all, for your wonderful care and service. I can not say enough about the high standards of expertise and care given by your doctors and  staff." – Shirley S.  

"Dr. Rahhal saw me on an emergency basis and truly met me at my point of need the night before Thanksgiving. I had fractured my femur and radius badly. He did surgery within hours of my accident on my leg and splinted my fractured wrist. Rarely, and unfortunately, do you feel true empathy to your medical needs in today's healthcare. This certainly wasn't the case with Dr. Rahhal. I could see in his eyes the pain and uncertainty I was feeling. I will never be able to thank him enough for what he did for me." – Kevin R. 

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"After undergoing three prior knee surgeries, including two total knee replacements, my knee surgery in September of 2015 was the first time that I felt like the surgeon actually was concerned about me as a person. Dr. Kunapuli spent as much time with me as I felt I needed and thoroughly answered any questions and concerns I may have had. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kunapuli to anyone who may need to have knee replacement surgery." – Douglas F. 

"Correct diagnosis, sent to PT which much improved the condition & gave injection to complete the treatment. Very satisfied with his demeanor and how he fully explained the condition and how to prevent it in the future." – Lawrence R.

"My daughter tore her ACL playing soccer. Dr. Rahhal was able to see her quickly after I called and got her into surgery quickly also. He was wonderful and did a great job. All of the staff members we talked to were friendly as well. We love EOOC and would and have recommended them." – Kelly  

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"My experience at EOOC could not have been better! Over the years, I have consulted 6 doctors and used the rehab facilities. I don't believe that I could have gotten better results anywhere else. Everyone that I came into contact with treated me with respect. A fine organization!" – Dan Y.  

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"Very pleased with care and treatment at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center – Dr. Mauerman is excellent – very good about explaining what is happening and expectations as a result. Always prompt and appointment on time with very little if any wait. Thank you!!

Have used Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for many years – and will continue." – Vickie C.   

"Very pleased with the doctors care as well as his staff. Will recommend Dr. A, wonderful bedside manner, is very caring and we are very pleased with the care received." – Judith K. 

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"I had asked for a 2nd opinion in re: in my right knee replacement. My knee had been painful, swollen, warm to touch for about 2 YEARS!!!!! I kept falling because my knee kept giving away. My original doctor had done surgery a year before to check the knee out and told me it was fine. I just knew it wasn't. Upon meeting Dr. Kunapuli, I felt he cared and he knew a lot about what was going on with my knee with my first visit. We were both stunned after he aspirated my knee. On my first visit .... It was obvious my knee was extremely infected. From there we had to remove the infected replacement. Because the infection had gone on for approximately 2 years the infection was in the bones of my leg and had eaten away a lot of the bone. I was put on very limited mobility, had a PICC line placed and received multiple oral and IV medications for many weeks! Once Dr. K was convinced my infection was gone he put the new replacement in. I haven't felt this good in years. My knee moves so well and it feels sturdy and strong. I no longer use a cane not walk with a limp and there is NO PAIN or swelling. As far as I'm concerned Dr. K gave me my life back. A good healthy and active life! Thank you just isn't enough!" – Cheryl C.

"There is no better place in Tulsa for orthopedic issues. From the front office to final visit EOOC is great." – Paul H.