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"Excellent care." – Barbara M.

"Great doctor and staff!!!" – Eddie M.

"Dr. Boone was very efficient. He asked about how I hurt my shoulder. X-rays were taken there in the office. Then I went to physical therapy, which was also right there in the office. Everyone that has helped me in that facility was friendly, kind, and caring. The facility was organized, clean, and up-to-date." - Jonnie W.

"I had a torn meniscus in my left knee. Dr. Boone explained the surgery and recovery in detail. Dr. Boone and his staff made me feel very relaxed and comfortable about the surgery and everyone from the PA to the physical therapist to the hospital surgical staff made the whole experience a real pleasure. I have made a full recovery and would recommend using this clinic for any orthopedic problems someone may have, I know I will." - Steven M.

"Dr. Boone has been my orthopedic Doctor for 21 years, and will continue to be. I like the way you run your clinic – the short wait time and the quality of care I get when I dome in." - Judy F.

"Dr. Brad Boone has been my doctor for 15 years. He has done knee replacement on both of my knees. He rocks!!!!!!" – Martha R. 

"I came to Dr. Boone with a lot of reservations about my injury. I wasn't sure what the real problem was or what I would need to do to fix it. The staff at EOOC were extremely friendly and helpful and Dr. Boone performed my ACL reconstruction surgery and did an amazing job. My knee has never felt better! I am so thankful for the staff at EOOC for taking a stressful situation and turning it into a pleasant experience in those circumstances." – Christina P.  

"Left knee replacement, great job, like a new man" – Jerry P. 

"I like his to the point answers instead of it might be... Also being almost 70 miles away he and the staff tried to make as few trips to Tulsa which I appreciate. This concern about me helps make the whole process easier especially when you have to have surgery." – Johnny M.   

"Dr. Boone was very complete in his explanation of my shoulder and made things a lot better for me. The shot he gave me was so much better than the one my general doctor gave so thanks for all of the help." – Stephen L.  

"There is no better place in Tulsa for orthopedic issues. From the front office to final visit EOOC is great." – Paul H.  

"I had a partial shoulder replacement, Dr. Boone and his staff were great!" – Terry N. 

"Dr. Boone has now done both of my knee replacements, and each time the physical therapist has been very impressed with my recovery and range of motion. My left knee which was done almost two years ago you can't even hardly see the scar. My right knee is going on 10 weeks from surgery and it is doing so good actually I was back to work after 5 weeks it was doing so well." – Bobby B.  

"I never fancied myself a weekend warrior, but after running a few marathons I got busy with work and family and began to workout and exercise less. But as a former college soccer player I couldn't shake the Sunday night indoor league as an adult. I wasn't training for any runs and although my overall fitness declined, I decided it would be a good idea to run a 5k on a Saturday night in September of 2014. And I ran it hard, for me, at least. I was sore and tired the next day but that indoor game...I thought, "Come on, toughen up!" Famous last words. I don't know if the run the previous night had anything or everything to do with the three pops I heard less than 90 seconds into my Sunday night performance. But what I do know is at 38 years old, I thought this was the end. 

Although I played out the rest of the season, hobbling of course, I knew something was probably pretty messed up in this right knee of mine. So, in December I went and saw my friend, Dr. Lamont Cavanagh. He confirmed my worst fears: torn ACL and meniscus. But he said there was a surgeon that could not only put me back together but get me back to full fitness again. I worried that he was overly optimistic and didn't want to see me too discouraged. It turns out that he knew something I didn't. So I went all in with Dr. Boone. 

I have had quite a few friends who have had ACL reconstruction and as a high school coach for 12 years, I have seen a lot more. But what Dr. Boone was able to do was INcredible! He took my patella and put me back together on January 16, 2015, and now, 11 months later, I am running, lifting, doing plyometrics and even playing indoor again. Honestly, I don't even feel a difference anymore. It's like he helped me get right back where I was before it happened. And with PT and my current workouts, I'm more fit now than I was before the injury. Don't get me wrong, that CPM machine and PT were no cake walk. But well worth it!
Dr. Boone did even BETTER than advertised. And I heard a LOT of good things leading up to surgery, too. Couldn't be happier! Thanks Doc!" -- Mark P. 

"Great experience from both doctors. I have the best to help." – Cynthia P.

"I was experiencing painful knees, I heard of Dr. Boone. At the time of my appointment I was becoming immobile, I lead an active lifestyle. With 8 grandchildren they keep me going. He fixed my knees with treatment injections, surgery. Just 5 weeks after my surgery. I rode a bike 7 miles. So I would encourage everyone to go see him and his staff. They are all amazing." – Carol R. 

"I have had 4 surgeries with Dr. Bischoff and am totally pleased with all the positive results, I even referred him to do surgery on my niece and her surgery turned out fantastic as well. I refer Dr. Bischoff to everyone who is needing surgery on their limbs. I have had 3 surgical procedures with Dr. Bradley Boone and I have referred him to everyone as well. Both physicians are very knowledgeable and are experts in their fields and both have excellent professional mannerism." - Debbie C.

"I had fell and injured my arm.  I immediately went to my doctors office for x-rays, they did not detect any problems.  For over 3 months I was in much pain and could not lift my arm higher than my waist.  I finally went for a second opinion and was referred to Dr Bradford Boone.  I had a torn rotator cuff and the doctor was not sure I would have full function of my shoulder and arm.  After surgery and rehab I'm happy to report that I have 100% use of my arm and no residual pain or discomfort.  I am so pleased with my outcome.  All staff were very professional and very helpful.  I do not hesitate to recommend Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center or Dr. Bradford Boone.  You're the Best!" – Diane B. 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Brad Boone for nearly 15 years. I have also seen Dr. Tyler Boone over this time. The care and treatment I have received over this time has been excellent. My discussions with the doctors and PAs have always been direct and understandable. Having had operations on both knees and a shoulder I appreciate their approach. Define the severity of the issue, develop a treatment plan and only surgery when necessary. They always abdicate physical therapy which gets the patients buy in; if you want positive results you need to take ownership rather than taking pills and hoping for the best.
The size of their practice can be intimidating. I think it speaks to their depth of their experience. Dealing with athletes they encounter a huge array of injuries. This has allowed them to develop their specialties and expertise. The surgeries I have had have all been successful and I have been pleased with the treatment and the results. Both of my sons have also been treated successfully by Brad. I will always recommend EOOC to friends and family." – Chris S.

"Last month, I had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Boone. Five weeks later, I have fully recovered and am back to most of my normal activities. It is such a relief to not have to deal with the constant pain I was experiencing. The treatment I received from Dr. Boone and his staff was truly exceptional. If anyone is contemplating such a procedure, in my opinion, there is no one better than Dr. Boone. Knock on wood, this will be the last operation of this type I have, but if I do, I won't hesitate to call on Dr. Boone to get me back as good as new again." - Lloyd B.

"I couldn't have asked for a better surgery and recovery. Every thing went well. It has been 5 months, and my knee is doing great." -- Bobby B.

"I am a very active person in my later years. I have experienced many knee injuries over the years, but I could always count on Dr. Boone to get me fixed up and back into my normal activities quickly and without pain. There is no other place that I can think of that has as fine a medical staff as EOOC. I am a good testament that with the proper care, you can enjoy life in your senior years." -- Lloyd B.

"I had fell and did damage to my quad tendon. I had to have it surgically repaired. The first class customer service that is provided with attention to detail is above reproach. Every step of the way, everything has been perfect! A couple of people have been very kind. Travis, the P.A.-C. went above and beyond to assure we have been taken care of. There is also a nurse, Danielle, that took the staples out, which exhibited great skills and compassion! Thank you." -- Gary C.

"I hurt my neck moving a refrigerator, and was SO sure would have to have neck surgery, but Dr. Boone recommended physical therapy. I am now back to my old self without any surgery. So thankful." -- Gayle R.

"Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center is a busy place and at first I wasn't sure I would get the quality time with a physician that I wanted. My first indicator that this was going to be a good experience was when they called me back in 5 minutes or less! The doctor then met with me, took time to listen to me, and hear all that I had to share. He gave me several options. Because I needed and chose surgery, I was scheduled in before I left the room. This was a relief to know right away when I would be cared for. 

On the day of surgery everyone, I mean everyone I met from the admittance lady, pre-entrance vitals, surgery floor staff, pre-op nurses, and then surgical nurses, asked the same questions and reviewed my chart! Nothing was going to get past them or happen without their sure and certain knowledge of my physical history.  They had kind characters, good personalities, and professional work methods.  It gave me a feeling of security. I was in good hands!" -- Tanya H.

"Once again, I had magnificent results after Dr. Boone repaired my right knee.  Before, climbing stairs was next to impossible. Now, they are no challenge at all. Dr. Boone has performed one shoulder, two knee, and three elbow procedures on me and each time, I have been able to resume my normal activities without hesitation. In my opinion, Dr. Boone is one of the best in the entire country." -- Lloyd B.

"Dr. Boone had treated my left knee over 10 years ago with surgery. I am a nurse and after the surgery was able to do anything required of a nurse in a fast pace CICU. Recently after a fall, walking 2 labs, my right knee began to hurt. Sure enough, it will require surgery again. The go to doctor, was Dr. Boone. Nurses can be pretty fussy about who takes care of them. I trust Dr. Boone." -- Kathryn H.

"My experience at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center was excellent. From diagnosis, to scheduling, to my procedure, all aspects were handled with professionalism and a great degree of care. Dr. Brad Boone is outstanding in his ability to provide the correct prognosis for his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Boone and his staff of specialists at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center." -- Robert P.

"I had arthroscopic rotator cuff tear surgery November 22, 2013. I am recovering and doing therapy. Everything has gone very well. Dr. Bradford Boone and his staff are the best." -- Harold S.

"I've been pretty lucky in my life to have not had a lot of injuries in sports or just in life. But when my knee started locking up, I met with Dr. Brad Boone and he quickly and accurately diagnosed my problem. Brad set me up for surgery. I was surprised at how comfortable everyone made me feel and how efficient they were. I'm certainly not hoping I have to have another one worked on but if I do Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center will have my business and Dr. Boone will be my surgeon. Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, I never missed a day of work and played a round of golf in 4 weeks." -- Jerry H.

"We have been extremely pleased with the professional services of both Dr. Bradford Boone and Dr. R. Tyler Boone.  We will continue to use Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center." -- Stacy W.

"A short time ago, I had an MRI on my back, shoulders, and knees. Another doctor told me I needed surgery on my shoulders at the time did not. So Dr. Brad Boone did my shoulders. He checked me over and said, “Ken, you need rehab shots in your shoulders and knees. What a relieve. Dr. Boone said had I had surgery, I probably would not be able to open refrigerator door. He did my wife’s knees. Both of us have a better quality of life and we are so much better. Thank you, Dr. Bradley Boone." -- Ken & Glenda D.

"I love to play tennis with my friends and I also play in the local leagues. This sport provides me a fun way to exercise and to deal with stress. I suffered a serious injury to my dominant shoulder and thought my tennis career was over. Dr. Brad Boone repaired this shoulder. The great staff at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center helped me through rehabilitation, and I was able to play again. Dr. Boone has subsequently repaired the other shoulder, one of my knees, and I went through rehab for those injuries at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. I am still playing the sport that I love because of the excellent care I received at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. Many thanks to Dr. Boone and the wonderful staff at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center!" -- Dr. Volak

"This is my second surgery with Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the doctors and all the staff." -- Shelly S.

"I've been an Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center patient since the mid 70’s. While being a punter for the University of Tulsa, I had several surgeries on both knees over the years. In January 2011, I had double total knee replacement by Dr. Chris Browne. I was chipping and putting golf balls after 3 weeks. I also played my first full round of golf at 8 weeks and shot a 77. That was in 18 holes not 9. In April 2013, I had my right shoulder repaired for a torn biceps tendon and a tear in my rotator cuff by Dr. Brad Boone. I was chipping and putting golf balls in about 4 weeks and started playing golf fully in 12 weeks. I have been more than very pleased with my experiences with Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center, from the pre surgery visits through the post surgery rehabilitation. I highly recommend Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to anyone needing corrective surgery for knees and shoulders particularly Drs. Browne and Boone. I am having my left shoulder repaired by Dr. Boone on the 26th of November and expect the same professionalism and success I have had since the mid 70's." -- Rick E.

"To date, Dr. Boone has performed one major and four arthroscopic surgeries on me. Each time, I have returned to my daily activities as well as I was before the procedure. In the near future, I will require a knee replacement. I am quite confident that Dr. Boone will make me as good as new once again." -- Lloyd B.

"One of the best experiences my family has had with doctors. My son Jordan was injured during football this past season, where he had broken his arm and dislocated his shoulder. The Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center staff was very professional and personable. Dr Brad Boone did the surgery placing a pin in the brake and the dislocated shoulder. The surgery was on October 4th, 2013. As of November 15th, 2013, my son was completely healed from his injuries and is back doing what he loves to do and that is sports. All this would not be possible without the best surgeon and staff around. I would personally like to thank the Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center staff and everyone involved for a great experience." -- Dustin S.

"Always seen quickly and staff is efficient and friendly. Dr. Boone is thorough and carefully explains his findings. I appreciate the interaction between the doctor, staff, and patient, which allows me to feel confident and comfortable about the decisions made.  This is my second visit and the problem was addressed to my satisfaction." -- Sandra B.

"When I came Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to see Dr. Brad Boone about knee replacements, I was to the stage that whenever I stood up to walk, I looked in the direction I need to go for the nearest place where I could sit and rest.  I knew that 25-50 feet was my maximum distance before the pain would force me to sit down.

After Dr. Boone replaced my knees, people who had known me for years began to tell me that I looked and acted 20 years younger.  I believe the knee replacements gave me a new lease on life and I no longer worry about where the next bench may be located. I wish the rest of my body worked as well as my replacement knees." -- Billy D.

"I had both knees replaced and my thumb & elbow treated for sport related injuries. Knee replacements are 100% successful." -- Gary S.

"In 1994, I ripped my lateral meniscus loose in a worker's comp injury. Dr. Boone diagnosed my problem and scheduled surgery. He reattached my meniscus and recommended home therapy, which I completed along with the prognosis of possible longevity of the repair. I wish to state that it is now 2013 and although my knee is a weather indicator, I have NO problems with it and am fully functional to date. Thank you Dr. Boone. WELL DONE!!" -- Lance Q.