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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Browne.

"All I can say is "Thank you so much!" to Dr. Browne and his P.A. Chris Stephens. I had my first hip replacement done 3 years ago at another major Oklahoma orthopedic hospital and it was a long recovery process. Since that time, my other hip was getting worse, to the point where the ache and the pain prevented me from participating in activities with my high school kids (like chaperoning band trips). Also, I couldn't do my favorite activities anymore like hiking, biking, and walking. I was only 52 at the time and I had no patience for dealing with this pain anymore. I needed to be ready and physically able to make it through my twins' senior year of high school. I didn't want a sore painful hip preventing me from enjoying this important year with my kids. So, I tried to schedule an appointment with my previous surgeon, but soon learned that he had retired. Dr. Browne was highly recommended by one of my husband's  co-workers since Dr. Browne had replaced his hip and he was very pleased. Also, when I had mentioned Dr. Browne's name to others, his name was recognized as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Oklahoma. Well, that was enough for me! I scheduled the consultation and soon thereafter  the surgery. My surgery was June 2, 2016. I was a bit nervous as I was being rolled into the OR that morning, but PA Stephens was very calming and made me feel at ease as I went under. I couldn't  believe how fast my recovery was afterwards. It was awesome! With Dr. Browne's skill in conducting the surgery and PA Stephens assisting, I couldn't  have been in more capable hands. No complications! Three weeks of home physical therapy, 4 weeks of out-patient therapy, and two post-op doctor's  visits, and I've  never felt better or stronger. My hip feels amazing! A true test was climbing up the bleachers at our high school football field for the opening performance of the Band (my kids are members of) and our football team's  first scrimmage. No more crippled me! I feel liberated from pain and feel strong! I now enjoy long walks, as well as climbing bleachers. I look forward to future hiking trips and other fun activities. I can't  thank Dr. Browne and PA Stephens enough for giving me my life back....free of pain! I'll  always be grateful!  will recommend Dr. Browne to anyone who needs help with hips or knees. Thanks again!" – Monika G. 

"I was patient number three with EOOC when James White operated on my knee in 1968. The same knee needed to be replaced in April of 2016. I have nothing but good things to say about EOOC. In addition to Dr. Christopher Browne who did my total knee replacement, Dr. Brad Boone, Dr. Ryan Pitts and Dr. George Mauerman have treated me. They all are consummate professionals and Tulsa is lucky to have them." – Bruce W.

"Dr. Browne has always been friendly and courteous and willing to share information. He is scheduled to perform knee replacement for me mid July. I am looking forward to walking again without pain." - Donald F.

"Dr. Browne and his staff are the best . . . He has replaced both of my knees and I am doing a lot
better. He deserves more than five stars." – Ruth M.

"Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center is fantastic! From the great people who make your appointment, the nurses, the physicians assistants. I am TERRIFIED of doctors and Dr. Browne & his staff were so kind. I had a total knee replacement. Dr. Browne always answers my questions. He did a wonderful job on my knee & in the future when I have my other knee replaced there is no one else I would even consider doing it." – Susan S.  

"Second knee surgery, both a success. haven't seen the doctor yet to thank him, bedside manners are a success." – Constance S. 

"I had both of my knees replaced by Dr. Browne, one in July 2014 and one in November 2014. I find it hard to explain how it has really changed my life. I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. Just simply standing doing my job with no knee pain, to walking and doing stairs without pain. It has made my life so much more enjoyable!" – Janet M. 

"I had hip replacement in both hips, in one years time. I received excellent care and treatment from both doctors and staff. I would highly recommended Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to anyone needing orthopedic care of any type. Thank you all, for your wonderful care and service. I can not say enough about the high standards of expertise and care given by your doctors and  staff." – Shirley S.  

"Correct diagnosis, sent to PT which much improved the condition & gave injection to complete the treatment. Very satisfied with his demeanor and how he fully explained the condition and how to prevent it in the future." – Lawrence R.

"Total knee replacement without a hitch. 
The staff and nurses were great. During recovery when things get frustrating they are there for you.
Highly recommend Dr. Browne and the entire staff at EOOC." – John

"Had right replacement surgery August 8, 2012, with Dr. Browne and then left knee replacement December 14, 2015, again with Dr. Browne. Both were very successful and I am continuing to do very well with these replacements. I received excellent care and always felt I could ask any question and get a straight answer. It has been almost 2 months since my last surgery and I am at 95% level of progress." – Brenda C.   

"Great care and success" – Benjamin H.

My story may be slightly different from the usual knee replacement recipient.  I'm 52 yrs old and the mom of a 33, 30, 16 and 13-year-old.  I say that to emphasize the need to 'keep up'!!!  For the past 5 years I've been sidelined so to speak.  Stairs, rough terrain, long distances and even bike riding, any obstacle that required extra effort were out of my reach to experience with my family. My husband and I both own HD motorcycles and that was even too much for my knee.  I chose to wait 5 years.  Until the pain became an interference with my everyday life.  
Now, 4 1/2 months later, I'm mowing, walking 3 miles a day, riding bikes, cleaning house (yuck), and completely enjoying being a part of a very active family once again.
Thank you, Dr. Brown for giving me back my life!!!! – Kimberly J. 

" My first experience with EOOC was several years ago with Dr. Jay Lorton who treated every increasing pain in my left knee. He is a wonderful person and doctor and helped relieve the pain with injections and arthroscopic surgery to trim damaged cartilage. Results were very good but we both knew that might be a temporary fix. Fortunately at the time I didn't need—or want—to have a full knee replacement. My knee was much better, but still bothersome. Then about a year or two later I saw an ad in the paper for a presentation regarding "MAKOplasty",  a new computer / robot-assisted surgery for less than full knee replacements. I attended the session and one of the presenters was Dr. Chris Browne. It sounded great to me and I was extremely impressed with the presentation. I discussed my enthusiasm for this procedure with Dr. Lorton. At the time, Dr. Lorton did not do MAKOplasty procedures and recommended I see Dr. Browne.   

Dr. Browne, also a terrific individual and marvelous surgeon, confirmed I was a good candidate for the MAKOplasty partial knee replacement procedure and I had it done in late 2012 with fantatic results!   

As promised, unlike a full knee replacement, I was able to put full weight on the knee the next day and after just six weeks of working through the very reasonable postoperative pain and concentrated recuperation excercises, I was pretty much back to full use of my knee with virtually no pain.  It was amazing as I had helped my mother-in-law through a 6 MONTH+ recuperation from a full knee replacement. What a difference!

In early 2013 I had my right knee done, same as the left, just the inner surface. Once again wonderful results with the MAKOplasty surgery. I'd never know I had anything other than a normal knee since it feels the same. I do have some arthritis elsewhere so I take a little daily medication but for the most part, every day I have ZERO pain in my knees. So thanks to Dr. Browne and his great staff for their marvelous talent and wonderful care.

Speaking of wonderul care, kudos to the entire staff at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital where I had my surgery. My wife and mother-in-law also have had surgeries there and it is a remarkably impressive difference from a "normal" hospital. My stays were just overnight—much shorter than theirs—but I highly recommend that facility.

My second incident was more recent: For some unknown reason my right shoulder tightened up (impingement) and resulted in loss of motion and very painful movement. Dr. Browne recommended I see Dr. Scott Rahhal who is a shoulder specialist.   He is another great person and, like Drs. Lorton and Browne, very easy to talk with. Dr. Rahhal diagnosed the problem and felt it could be corrected with just physcial therapy. What a relief; no surgery needed. Sure enough, with wonderful treatments by PT Assessment specialist Kristin Mitchell at the EOOC PT facility, I have regained full, pain-free use of my right shoulder.

In summary, I can't say enough about the wonderful care and results I've had with EOOC doctors and staff.  And here's a bonus: Unlike another organization our family dealt with in years past, there have been NO excessive waiting periods either in the reception area or in the exam rooms. Sure, occassional waits, but even in those cases less than 15 minutes from anticipated times." – Steve G.

"I have had three previous surgeries on my left knee. The third was in 1995 and at the conclusion of the procedure my doctor informed me that the knee was too far gone for him to totally clear out the arthritis and scar tissue. He recommended a total knee replacement but suggested that I wait as long as possible as the technology was new and improvements were being made that would allow the implants to last longer than ten or fifteen years.

I waited until June of 2015 to inquire about replacement surgery and had a friend tell me about Dr. Browne. My knee was in extremely poor condition, the humerus was beginning to slide off to the inside of the lower leg. Dr. Browne looked at the X-rays and suggested a total knee replacement and was prepared to operate the next day. Dr. Browne assured me that after lining everything back up that I would feel so much better and the knee would be extremely stronger. We agreed to do the surgery on June 11th.

The surgery went very well. Dr. Browne told me after the surgery that my knee was one of the worst he had ever seen. The in-home healthcare I received after the surgery was excellent. Both the nurse and the physical therapist were great to work with. After three weeks, I began physical therapy at the office. The therapist there was and still is great to work with. She encourages me to work hard to strengthen the knee and to regain as much flexibility as possible.

I am so happy at the results and like everyone said, I wish I hadn't waited so long to have the surgery." – Edward H.

"Excellent care . When I have an appointment  I am treated like Gold. I am a very interested patient in my health—and yes this does matter.
Thank you Dr. Christopher A.Browne." – Nancy D.

"I'm now 71. About 5-6 years ago, I began to have increasing knee pain, and wasn't surprised when x-rays indicated a loss of cartilage. Initially, Dr. Lorton treated me with injections that helped for several months. Shortly thereafter, I fell and tore the meniscus in one knee. Dr. Lorton performed an arthroscopy, which provided pretty good relief for a period. But by then, I was having pain in both knees. A few years later, I saw an ad in the newspaper for a free seminar involving the new robotic assisted MAKOplasty surgery, which would greatly benefit those such as myself with only one or two problem compartments in the knee.

I had helped my elderly mother-in-law recuperate after two complete knee replacements, so I was very familiar with the fairly long term 6 month or more process. I learned with MAKOplasty, I could put full weight on my leg the next day, and be pretty much back to normal within about 6 weeks! That sounded incredible, and it was for me! Dr. Lorton recommend Dr. Browne, who had been one of the presenting surgeons at the free seminar. He had a very impressive presentation. Long story short, Dr. Browne and his team did my first knee at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital in Oct 2012, which is a fabulous facility. I was off the walker in 3 days, switched to a cane for a week or two, and was back to normal within 6 weeks, with virtually no pain and full, normal motion of my knee. It's pretty amazing.

Dr. Browne did my second knee in February 2013. I had the same wonderful results. If you qualify for MAKOplasty surgery, Dr. Browne and his staff are terrific. Follow instructions, do your physical therapy several times per day as directed, and hopefully your results will be as great as I have experienced. Many thanks to the outstanding staff at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and Oklahoma Surgical Hospital." -- Stevan G.

"First of all, I had the greatest doctor and his assistant Chris Stephens. Dr. Browne was the best, and I refer him every chance I get. I had total hip replacement surgery on both hips, in years 2012 and 2013. I went back to work both times, and had no problems. I work everyday, and I do some yard work. On my last checkup, he said everything looked good, and I was to return in 5 years, which sounded wonderful to me." -- Betty P.

"I had a total knee replacement. It was very successful and I was back to work after 3 weeks. There were no complications or drama. I wish I had made the decision sooner." -- Kay G.

"I had the greatest experience one could have, considering the pain and suffering you go through with knee replacement! I was always informed what to expect, and the outcome I would have if I added my efforts along side Dr Browne's. The program of home health with their expertise, and patients was targeted to make me as close to "as good as new" as possible. My rehab continued with physical therapy at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center, and after work there, I am better than before!  I appreciate all the staff. I was treated with respect and kindness." -- Billye R.

"I saw Dr. Hardage on Monday, and that day, they got me an appointment with Dr. Browne for the following Wednesday. Everything about both appointments was very pleasant." -- Patty R.

"My experience at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center was very positive. I had very little wait for my appointment and the staff was friendly and helpful." -- Linda B.

"Hello, my name is Trace and I am 55 years old.  I procrastinated about having knee replacement surgery. I so desperately needed it for five years due to overwhelming fears of doctors and hospitals. However, the knee pain became so unbearable that it destroyed any quality of life I had and caused severe depression. Last year (November 2013), I took control of the situation and researched doctors and clinics and decided to go to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to discuss my situation with Dr. Browne. So far, I got by with the use of cortisone injections as well as a rooster comb injection. The latest x-rays showed that my knee had deteriorated to bone-on-bone and required a knee replacement on my right knee. I also needed cortisone injections in my left knee until I have it replaced sometime in the near future. Dr. Browne was a very informative, considerate person, which I felt I could trust. The entire process of having the surgery, from pre-op office visits with very nice techs, to the hospital stay with exceptional facilities and staff, to the home nurse visits and rehab therapists. I was made to feel I was in good hands at all times. I liked the physician assistant Chris a lot and always felt total trust and compassion with him as well. I should have had the surgery done much sooner. I don’t dread having the other knee replaced since my experience with Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center was so good. I would recommend their clinic to anyone." -- Trace L.

"Dr. Hardage has been treating my lower-back pain for several years and the epidural steroid injections have definitely helped.  The last one in early February has had the most positive outcome to date.  His caring manner and patience is also greatly appreciated.  Dr. Browne provided a total right-knee replacement in December of 2012 and although the recovery was longer than I had anticipated, I couldn't be happier with it now.  While I only actually saw Dr. Browne twice, his staff was always very helpful and considerate." -- Betty A.

"I now have had both hips totally replace by Dr. Browne. Wish I would of had it done 10 years ago. I feel so much better. As to my last hip replacement, I checked in the hospital at 7:00 a.m. on Friday and went home at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Not only did I go home, but I walked out without any pain nor have I had any since. I tell everyone I come in contact with about Dr. Browne. He truly changed my life. Don't let me forget to thank his staff and the super nice and caring people at the hospital. It was a very good experience for my wife and myself. By the way, the chicken tenders are to die for. Great food also." -- Terry S.

"When Dr. Hardage first saw me in early 2013, my right knee was already bone-on-bone. I was not prepared to admit to the knee replacement, although I was into my second year of severe chronic pain. I allowed the pain to rule me so consequently, my active lifestyle turned into something that represented counting steps and stairways where ever I went for work and for pleasure. Dr. Hardage worked with me to prescribe physical therapy but again, I came to a personal "tipping point" and knew I was not going to ever get any better with physical therapy. I absolutely did not want my knee to be my defining moment in life! Period.

In December 2013, Dr. Browne gave me my "happy knee" and two months almost to the date of my surgery, I have been released both from Dr. Browne's care (I see him in 1 year!) and from physical therapy.  I am very pleased with every aspect of my care and I am grateful that I now have another lease on life!  I can be active again and I am thankful.

Leading up to the surgery, I worked to lose 10 pounds. I actually only lost 8 pounds, but I believe minimizing the gravity of my body's weight was key to my healing. I also continued to be active at the Claremore Recreation Center, focusing on leg and upper body strength and flexibility. I believe these variables enhanced my overall healing. Dr. Browne told me he would take my pain away and indeed, he has. The knee replacement procedure is not difficult and when the physical therapy exercises are followed consistently, the outcomes are quite positive and rewarding.

I work at Rogers State University, so coming back to work part-time was essential to my total healing.  Although Dr. Hardage has identified a secondary lower back issue, I am very confident the pain management will continue to be resolved and the active lifestyle will be the result in the near future. I believe Dr. Browne, his very capable physician's assistant, and nurses make up a plan of care that is superb.  Everything precisely worked and continues to work, giving me enhanced mobility, strength, and flexibility to accomplish my work at RSU but to also have FUN in life. Thanks you!" -- Susan B., Ph,D.

"I have just been through pre-op and have found that everything runs so smoothly.  Appointments are on time and the PA took all the time in the world to make sure my questions were answered to my understanding.  He also gave me a thorough run down of what to expect on the day of surgery. Love Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center." --Linda B.

"I had to have my knee replaced and was absolutely terrified!  Dr. Browne was very patient with all my questions and very informative about the surgery. I had a total knee replacement 4 months ago and wish I had done it sooner. The first two weeks were killer, but I feel great now. I am back to playing soccer and basketball with my daughter and tennis with my son. YAY!" -- Patty L.

"I had my left knee replaced about two and a half months ago. I was scared to death to have it done. The first two weeks I wondered what I had gotten myself into, but now Dr. Browne is my hero. My knee is pain free. I can keep up with my kids and go shopping without any pain." -- Patty L.

"I've been an Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center patient since the mid 70’s. While being a punter for the University of Tulsa, I had several surgeries on both knees over the years. In January 2011, I had double total knee replacement by Dr. Chris Browne. I was chipping and putting golf balls after 3 weeks. I also played my first full round of golf at 8 weeks and shot a 77. That was in 18 holes not 9. In April 2013, I had my right shoulder repaired for a torn biceps tendon and a tear in my rotator cuff by Dr. Brad Boone. I was chipping and putting golf balls in about 4 weeks and started playing golf fully in 12 weeks. I have been more than very pleased with my experiences with Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center, from the pre surgery visits through the post surgery rehabilitation. I highly recommend Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to anyone needing corrective surgery for knees and shoulders particularly Drs. Browne and Boone. I am having my left shoulder repaired by Dr. Boone on the 26th of November and expect the same professionalism and success I have had since the mid 70's." -- Rick E.

"I am scheduled for knee replacement next Monday. I am very impressed with my choice of physician. I have heard many good things about him and trust his knowledge.  I was a little nervous at first but the level of professionalism and the way that many of the details are worked out ahead of time have totally impressed me.  I can't say that I am looking forward to my surgery but I am very pleased that I chose Dr. Browne and look forward to a more active life in a few weeks." -- Norma J.

"I had been having trouble with my joints for years. I have Lupus, which adds to the discomfort. My knees are the worst and I need a total knee replacement. I just had my right one done two and a half weeks ago. I'm not 100% yet, but I am a lot further along than I thought I would be. I am pleasantly surprised at how well my recovery is going. I go back to Dr. Browne in five days and am excited to show him my progress!  Everyone at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center has been wonderful and a special thanks to my at-home nursing and physical therapy care from Community Home Health! I can't wait to get out there and play with my grand kids again!  Thank you Dr Browne!" -- Sylvia H.

"I had both knees replaced and my thumb & elbow treated for sport related injuries. Knee replacements are 100% successful." -- Gary S.

"Dr. Browne did both of my knee surgeries. I was able to resume walking and taking walks daily.  I have nothing bad to say about my experience.  I went both times to the Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Clinic and was taken care of each time very well.  Now I have back problems and Dr. Ahmadinia is going to do the surgery on it Dec 9th.  I will be going back to the Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Clinic once again to have this done.  I am hoping for the same results that I had with both knees.  I can’t wait till I am able to resume my life again." -- Beverly K.

"What a wonderful group of people to have in charge of my knee problems.  They are always on time, listen to all my questions, and help me understand what I'm going through.  Their offices are professional and all employees very friendly.  I can recommend them to anyone." -- Dannie H.

"On June 24, 2013 I had total hip replacement. I would like to thank Dr. Browne and his PA W. Stephens. I was scared. They calmed my nerves by explaining everything to me and very once in awhile, crack a joke. The pain I experienced after surgery was nothing compared to the pain I endured for 5 years. If I ever need another hip surgery, Dr. Browne will see me again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care I received from Dr. Browne's office, St. Francis Hospital, and all my nurses. I couldn't ask for better treatment." -- Susie S.

"I am having a second knee replacement. Dr. Hardage kept me going for almost two years after my first knee. Dr. Browne did my first knee, and I did so well I wanted him to do my second knee." --Patricia A.

"So glad I had my hip replaced here. From pre-op to post-op, everyone that came into contact with my family and myself were great. The staff always put me first to make it a positive stay. I'm going to have my left hip replacement as soon as my right one heals up, and yes, I will call upon Dr. Browne to replace it. Thank you, Dr. Browne and staff, for making this operation a positive experience." --Terry S.

"On May 9th, 2012 I was trimming brush at my mother's home in Stigler, Oklahoma using a chain saw. I have used this particular saw for over 30 years and am relatively experienced using this type of equipment. Some of the brush sprung back, striking the saw and knocking it against the side of her house. This caused a kickback and the saw rolled backwards and struck my arm, causing a severe gash and breaking the ulna bone just below the elbow. The hospital in Stigler transported me via ambulance to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa and got me into the emergency room just after 1:00 p.m.  By 2:45 p.m., I was on the operating table and, after surgery by Dr. Christopher Browne, was in my room by around 5:00 p.m. that evening.

I am very happy to report that the chain saw did not damage any tendons, nerves nor did it touch the artery for my arm. Dr. Brown did a fantastic job on the surgery leaving minimal scarring. I also have virtually 100% use of my arm after eight weeks of physical therapy through the EOOC therapy department. I play saxophone in my church orchestra and have full movement of my arm and fingers. I have nothing but good things to say about EOOC, Dr. Browne, and Don in the physical therapy department of EOOC. I will recommend EOOC and Dr. Browne to anyone who needs this type of service." -- Don H.

"I had my right knee replaced by Dr. Browne because I had bone on bone with the joint.  After I have had treatment by Dr. Hardage, I had the replacement. I had the minimal pain, rehabilitation when good, and I was able to drive in two weeks. I only used a walk for approximately ten days. I have done three 5k's walking. I have been very satisfied with my treatment." -- Carl B.