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"My family has been patients at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center since the late 1980’s. My first doctor, and actually my last doctor, to see at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center is Dr. Emel.  A fine man and doctor to my sons (soccer, bicycle accidents) and to me.  Dr. Mauerman operated on my middle son's elbow after a soccer accident. He was great!  This son ended up doing an internship through Holland Hall with Dr. Rahhal. I will never forget the discussion over dinner about the hip replacement he was lucky enough to watch! Dr. Bischoff is a great hand surgeon and did a surgery on each of my thumbs. Dr. Rahhal is GREAT! He did surgery on my shoulder and is currently looking after "older" knees. My experience has been wonderful with all of the doctors we have seen over the years! We would never have made it through the teenage years with three sons without Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center!" -- Patricia R.

"I had both knees replaced and my thumb & elbow treated for sport related injuries. Knee replacements are 100% successful." -- Gary S.