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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Lorton.

"Dr. Lorton was exceptional! My shoulder has never felt better! Thank you Jay, for everything you did!!!" – G.F.

"I've visited him several times for my shoulder and he did really well. He did my ligament repair and did an excellent job. If I had to recommend my favorite/best doctor I've been to, it was him." - Shaydee

"Dr. Lorton diagnosed my shoulder problem on my first visit and successfully surgically repaired same. He is the best!!" - Jane J.

"Very professional office. Timely appointments!" – Sandy B.

"Came in for shoulder pain that would not go away after months. Doctor Lorton went over my symptoms, recommended an MRI which found bone spurs that an X-ray at another doctors office had not seen. Discussed the treatment options with me and we agreed on a course of treatment. After some cortisone injections, my shoulder was feeling better soon, and I know what my options are for longer term repair if the problem re-occurs. Fast, friendly, and very knowledgeable service." – Tim W. 

"Dr. Lorton seems to be an excellent surgeon. All went well with my shoulder surgery as it did with my spouse last year." – Jo T. 

" My first experience with EOOC was several years ago with Dr. Jay Lorton who treated every increasing pain in my left knee. He is a wonderful person and doctor and helped relieve the pain with injections and arthroscopic surgery to trim damaged cartilage. Results were very good but we both knew that might be a temporary fix. Fortunately at the time I didn't need—or want—to have a full knee replacement. My knee was much better, but still bothersome. Then about a year or two later I saw an ad in the paper for a presentation regarding "MAKOplasty",  a new computer / robot-assisted surgery for less than full knee replacements. I attended the session and one of the presenters was Dr. Chris Browne. It sounded great to me and I was extremely impressed with the presentation. I discussed my enthusiasm for this procedure with Dr. Lorton. At the time, Dr. Lorton did not do MAKOplasty procedures and recommended I see Dr. Browne.   

Dr. Browne, also a terrific individual and marvelous surgeon, confirmed I was a good candidate for the MAKOplasty partial knee replacement procedure and I had it done in late 2012 with fantatic results!   

As promised, unlike a full knee replacement, I was able to put full weight on the knee the next day and after just six weeks of working through the very reasonable postoperative pain and concentrated recuperation excercises, I was pretty much back to full use of my knee with virtually no pain.  It was amazing as I had helped my mother-in-law through a 6 MONTH+ recuperation from a full knee replacement. What a difference!

In early 2013 I had my right knee done, same as the left, just the inner surface. Once again wonderful results with the MAKOplasty surgery. I'd never know I had anything other than a normal knee since it feels the same. I do have some arthritis elsewhere so I take a little daily medication but for the most part, every day I have ZERO pain in my knees. So thanks to Dr. Browne and his great staff for their marvelous talent and wonderful care.

Speaking of wonderul care, kudos to the entire staff at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital where I had my surgery. My wife and mother-in-law also have had surgeries there and it is a remarkably impressive difference from a "normal" hospital. My stays were just overnight—much shorter than theirs—but I highly recommend that facility.

My second incident was more recent: For some unknown reason my right shoulder tightened up (impingement) and resulted in loss of motion and very painful movement. Dr. Browne recommended I see Dr. Scott Rahhal who is a shoulder specialist.   He is another great person and, like Drs. Lorton and Browne, very easy to talk with. Dr. Rahhal diagnosed the problem and felt it could be corrected with just physcial therapy. What a relief; no surgery needed. Sure enough, with wonderful treatments by PT Assessment specialist Kristin Mitchell at the EOOC PT facility, I have regained full, pain-free use of my right shoulder.

In summary, I can't say enough about the wonderful care and results I've had with EOOC doctors and staff.  And here's a bonus: Unlike another organization our family dealt with in years past, there have been NO excessive waiting periods either in the reception area or in the exam rooms. Sure, occassional waits, but even in those cases less than 15 minutes from anticipated times." – Steve G.

"I'm now 71. About 5-6 years ago, I began to have increasing knee pain, and wasn't surprised when x-rays indicated a loss of cartilage. Initially, Dr. Lorton treated me with injections that helped for several months. Shortly thereafter, I fell and tore the meniscus in one knee. Dr. Lorton performed an arthroscopy, which provided pretty good relief for a period. But by then, I was having pain in both knees. A few years later, I saw an ad in the newspaper for a free seminar involving the new robotic assisted MAKOplasty surgery, which would greatly benefit those such as myself with only one or two problem compartments in the knee.

I had helped my elderly mother-in-law recuperate after two complete knee replacements, so I was very familiar with the fairly long term 6 month or more process. I learned with MAKOplasty, I could put full weight on my leg the next day, and be pretty much back to normal within about 6 weeks! That sounded incredible, and it was for me! Dr. Lorton recommend Dr. Browne, who had been one of the presenting surgeons at the free seminar. He had a very impressive presentation. Long story short, Dr. Browne and his team did my first knee at Oklahoma Surgical Hospital in Oct 2012, which is a fabulous facility. I was off the walker in 3 days, switched to a cane for a week or two, and was back to normal within 6 weeks, with virtually no pain and full, normal motion of my knee. It's pretty amazing.

Dr. Browne did my second knee in February 2013. I had the same wonderful results. If you qualify for MAKOplasty surgery, Dr. Browne and his staff are terrific. Follow instructions, do your physical therapy several times per day as directed, and hopefully your results will be as great as I have experienced. Many thanks to the outstanding staff at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and Oklahoma Surgical Hospital." -- Stevan G.

"I attended Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for physical therapy, for an arthroscopic knee surgery I had back home in Missouri. I am a college student in Tulsa, and it was very hard to attend classes on crutches for a month, but if it weren't for my physical therapist, Kristin Mitchell, I would not have recovered as quickly and enjoyably as I did. She was very compassionate and understanding, yet she knew the perfect pace to push me to get me better. She understood my limitations better than I did, and was able to push me through them to a full recovery. I am now back in the dance studio, leaping and turning on point, and I never thought I would be able to do that again. I received full range of motion back in my knee, and only deal with minimal pain. I've always heard people say they don't enjoy physical therapy, but my experience with Kristin at Easter Oklahoma Orthopedic Center couldn't have been better. They worked with my school schedule, and I have to say my appointments were the best part of my day, to be focused on and cared for in a place I really needed these affections. The facility was wonderful, and the entire staff was very caring." -- McKensie G.

"I've seen Dr. Lorton for several things ranging from ACL reconstruction to steroid injections in both my shoulder and elbow. I've always had a great experience, and will continue to see him for all my orthopedic needs." -- Sharla G.

"Dr. Lorton was kind enough to work my surgery one week earlier than scheduled. Being in great pain, I am very grateful to him and his staff. Thanks again." -- John S.

"I just wanted to commend Dr. Lorton's scheduling person, Dara, for being the highlight of our first visit to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. Everyone else was satisfactory, but Dara stood out as absolutely professional, capable, personable, and genuinely caring. It is rare to find all of those qualities. I wanted to make sure to offer my congratulations on having such a fantastic employee. We saw her at the end of a 2-hour visit. My pain level was high while my patience was low. She absolutely brightened my day. Please thank her for me." -- Shawna C.

"I had the same procedure on my left knee a year ago by a different doctor. That knee has never been pain free and the swelling was terrible so I was hesitant to have my right knee done. I was referred to Dr. Lorton by my chiropractor. I was very nervous about having the procedure, and I have really only met Dr. Lorton two times at appointments. So I was just trusting God that all would go well. I can't begin to tell you what a different experience this was. My hospital care the day of surgery was all superb, and I was walking the same day as surgery. Within a week, I was back to everyday things and driving. I highly recommend Dr. Lorton. I feel so much better! I've been telling everyone I know, even out-of-towners, that if your insurance will cover it, he's worth the drive. :)" -- Jennifer S.

"Dr. Lorton performed arthroscopic surgery on my right knee on October 18th. He has been great to work with!  The surgery went great.  I am all healed up and back to my normal activities. High marks for Dr. Lorton!" -- Jeffrey M.

"Arrived for pre-op appointment with Dr. Lorton. For such a large group, my wait was very reasonable and as usual, Dr Lorton arrived with his usual personable greeting. He explains everything very well and allows for any questions the patient may have. I have many times referred friends and family to EOOC and specifically, Dr. Lorton. In my opinion, this group is a 'one stop shop' for all your orthopedic needs." -- Mark D.

"My elbow was causing me terrible pain. I got to the place I couldn't even pick up my handbag without trouble. Doing dishes became the biggest chore of the day! Dr. Lorton recommended physical therapy first. This delighted me because I was not happy about the prospect of surgery. The physical therapy team is excellent. Period. I have never seen a group of people more devoted to helping. The entire group, particularly Dr. Lorton, answered my questions happily and never once made me feel rushed or herded into making a single decision too quickly. I eventually ended up requiring surgery and Dr. Lorton performed it quickly and beautifully. The scar is even small and there was very little bruising. He is an excellent surgeon." -- Jodi