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"Dr. Kunapuli took the best care of me. He has an excellent bedside manner and was very nice to me. Something that I had been suffering with for years, he took the time to figure out what was the problem. I was so happy he found out what my problem was. After years of seeing so many doctors. I recommend EOOC to anyone that needs a good doctor! God bless you all at EOOC." – Ann D.

"I would highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli if you are in need of knee replacement. He is very kind and knows his stuff! I had been trying to get my knee worked on for about 2 years but because of my weight my previous doctor did not want to do the surgery. I was using a walker and was probably not far off from being in a wheelchair. I'm also 47 years old. I went to see Dr. Kunapuli for a second opinion and he was hesitant to do the surgery but saw that I had no choice and that my quality of life was greatly diminished. I couldn't say more wonderful things about him or his staff or the hospital staff. They were all very professional and I appreciate all their hard work to make an uncomfortable surgery as tolerable as possible." – Theresa T. 

"I spent 15 years in leg pain, mostly my knees. Then I came to EOOC for a separated shoulder where I met Dr. Rahhal. He thought I was there for my knees because he recognized immediately they were shot. Dr. Rahhal fixed my shoulder and after recovery, sent me to Dr. Kunapuli , in another side of the office. I was automatically at ease with Dr. Kunapuli. He assured me he could fix my knees. I put my trust in Dr. Kunapuli and God to guide him. I had both knees replaced in less than 3 months and I could not be happier. Dr. Kunapuli fixed my knees, straightened my bowed legs, and took away my pain. I can finally walk like a normal person and be active again. Dr. Kunapuli basically gave me back my life and I am so grateful. I told Dr. Kunapuli he is my hero but, he protested that title, he is humble. This practice has nothing but the best doctors in our part of the country.  If you need surgery these are the doctors you want to trust with your body. Thank you Dr. Rahhal and Dr. Kunapuli. " – Patricia S.

"I had a left total knee placement on March 29th of this year. Dr. Kunapuli performed the surgery which was a success. He is a very caring and thorough doctor. He sits down and listens to you about your concerns and answers your questions. I went to him in Nov. for an initial appt. and knew then,I wanted him to do the surgery. EOOC is a very organized facility that takes care of their patients professionally. I will continue to recommend Dr. Kunapuli and EOOC as I already  have. Thank you all for the wonderful care I received from your facility." – Sallye E. 

"Dr. Kunapuli is such a great man and a great surgeon. I saw Dr. Kunapuli regarding a hip joint replacement. I had a prior replacement of the  opposite hip, which did not go well. With my first hip replacement, I had intense post-operative pain, required blood transfusions and had a prolonged recuperation. My hospital stay was seven days. Dr. Kunapuli assured me that his surgical procedure would not be at all similar  and told me what I could expect with his surgical approach. He told me that I could expect much less pain than I had experienced in the previous surgery; he assured me that I would have adequate pain control. I would not require a blood transfusion, and I would have a very short ( one to two day)  hospital stay. He took time to explain why I could expect the difference and answered all of my questions. I felt confident and scheduled my surgery. Dr. Kunapuli was right! I had minimal pain, which was taken care of by the medication. I was up and walking with assistance (non-weight-bearing) the evening of the day of surgery. I was home in 48 hours. My recuperation was completely different and I am a very happy patient! My story following my second hip replacement surgery is very different and my friends who are facing the procedure always hear a song of praise for Dr. Kunapuli and his great bedside manner, and excellent surgical abilities! My hips and I are now happy campers! Thank You Dr. Kunapuli!" - Hermina W. 

"Feels much better. Thanks for everything." – Mike R. 

"He told me what was going to happen and how it was going to be, and it was.

He is easy to talk to and made it a point to see that my daughter who was with me at the hospital knew when the operation was over
and how it went and what to expect, she was very impressed.

And I am doing well with my new hip, could not ask for any more." – Jimmie C.

"Wonderful experience. Good care, good people, excellent doctor, listened to me, advised me, helped me greatly." – Mary G.

"I just want to say thank you to Dr. Kunapuli. In my opinion, he is the best Orthopedic Surgeon I have ever met. And I have met a few. I was in so much pain with my knees I could barely walk. I finally got a referral to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center from my primary care  doctor, so I could have my knees looked at. When I called the EOOC I didn't know any of the surgeons there so I asked the lady on the phone to recommend me one of their best. She recommended Dr. Kunapuli. After meeting with him and reviewing my X-rays, I knew I needed knee replacement surgery on both knees. I knew after our first meeting, he was the Surgeon for me. We started with the left (the worst) knee first, in March 2016. By May I was ready for my right knee replacement and had it done by the end of May 2016. It's a miracle! I kid you not. It's now July 8th, 2016 and my knees work like they did years ago. Without pain! Thank you, Dr. Kunapuli! You literally gave me my life back." – Karin K. 

"I had a knee replacement done by another doctor. Because of PT, the knee became loose within the bone and gave me pain constantly. I went to several doctors from the same practice and all said the joint was fine.  
I finally found Dr. Kunapuli, who graciously agreed to see me. The knee was loose and needed almost immediate attention. I had surgery May 3rd at the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital and Dr. Kunspuli replaced the knee joint and because of prior stem placement installed a long stem. The hospital and staff were great and kept me out of pain and so also the in-home therapy was great.
Dr. Kunapuli found that my shin bone was broken from the tibia
donw and also had to repair that. Dr. Kunapuli is a brilliant caring man and a highly skilled surgeon. I enjoy talking with him immensely.  
If anyone needs knee surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli for their surgery, as a matter of fact, we met a lady who we personally knew, was in for a consultation from Dr. Kunapuli and we joyfully recommended him and EOOC." – Kenneth W. 

"After falling and breaking my humerus and shoulder in 3 places, my old orthopedist did not live up to what I expected from a doctor. After falling again on my shoulder, I came to EOOC where I was treated with kindness and understanding through ALL of the staff. What a tremendous change. I will now ALWAYS go here for all my ortho needs." - Melanie S.

"As a daughter and also daughter-in-law to patients of Dr. Kunapuli, I am just overwhelmed and so impressed with the professionalism, passionate care from him. My mother, 73 years of age with severe COPD, had a right hip replacement, where as before was in constant severe pain due to being bone-on-bone. The rest of her body (neck, shoulders, knees and left hip) was in pain as well. Dr. Kunapuli was able to perform surgery with a spinal block instead of general. The outcome was remarkable. The follow-ups under his care have been something we look forward to. My mother-in-law, 75 years of age with a bad knee, also underwent spinal block and is up and going and going again. I would so recommend Dr. Kunapuli to anyone with hip or knee problems. He is my hero! From a daughter and daughter-in-law who loves seeing those two outgoing again." - Angie C.

"Dr. Kunapuli is one of the most gifted surgeons anywhere. He has such enthusiasm and love for what he does and you can go in and know that everything will be done perfectly. He replaced my worn out knee September 23, 2015. I am so thankful that in this world there are people like Dr. K who can give you back your quality of life. His energy and love for his work shows in everything he does. I'm glad I got the best! Thank you so much" – Theresa H.

"I first met Dr. Kunapuli in November 2014 when he replaced my wife's left hip joint after she had broken it in a fall. He really went out of his way to make himself available after I insisted in the emergency room on a joint specialist, despite fine, trauma surgeons being on call. He was very caring, applied the latest techniques, and the result has been  a fine recovery.

In October 2015. I realized that a long-standing problem that had been bothering me was really a bad problem with my right hip. Dr. Kunapuli clearly explained my options to me. My choice was a full hip joint replacement by him in December. I was amazed to be up and beginning to walk with a walker the day of surgery. The next day I went home, and began to walk unassisted within 3 weeks. I would strongly recommend Dr. Kunapuli." – Robert E.              

"Frankly, it has been decades since I've had a surgeon with the level of patient dedication and caring I've experienced with Dr. Sarat Kunapuli, a Trauma Surgeon at EOOC. Although he's a very skilled, up-to-date, young doctor...in reality, he's more like the old-fashioned "treasured family physician" we once enjoyed having in this country before corporate medicine took over. And the good news is that my wife and I have both had the pleasure of experiencing first hand Dr. Kunapuli's impressive surgical skills and his kind "bedside manner". How many surgical specialists these days take the time to answer all your questions? Doctor Kunapuli does. How many physicians call their patients at home to check on their healing status after surgery? Dr. Kunapuli called both of us after our knee replacement procedures. How many busy surgeons such as Dr. Kunapuli arrange for their patients to be able to communicate their concerns to a nurse assistant? Dr. Kunapuli instructed his nurse to accept texts and photos from us, so that he could alleviate our worries about pain and incision issues, etc. In summary, I applaud the management at EOOC for having the foresight to retain physicians of Doctor Kunapuli's character, caring and surgical skills. We have since referred several new patients to his practice. In the end, It's that kind of patient loyalty that contributes tremendously to the success of a highly-reputable medical service provider such as EOOC. " – Bob Callaway

"Great service. Takes the time to explain to you." – Gina B. 

"I am very pleased with my doctor and the hospital. I am recovering very well, and Dr. Kunapuli has released me to do most things, and I feel fine." – Lori M. 

"After undergoing three prior knee surgeries, including two total knee replacements, my knee surgery in September of 2015 was the first time that I felt like the surgeon actually was concerned about me as a person. Dr. Kunapuli spent as much time with me as I felt I needed and thoroughly answered any questions and concerns I may have had. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kunapuli to anyone who may need to have knee replacement surgery." – Douglas F. 

"I had asked for a 2nd opinion in re: in my right knee replacement. My knee had been painful, swollen, warm to touch for about 2 YEARS!!!!! I kept falling because my knee kept giving away. My original doctor had done surgery a year before to check the knee out and told me it was fine. I just knew it wasn't. Upon meeting Dr. Kunapuli, I felt he cared and he knew a lot about what was going on with my knee with my first visit. We were both stunned after he aspirated my knee. On my first visit .... It was obvious my knee was extremely infected. From there we had to remove the infected replacement. Because the infection had gone on for approximately 2 years the infection was in the bones of my leg and had eaten away a lot of the bone. I was put on very limited mobility, had a PICC line placed and received multiple oral and IV medications for many weeks! Once Dr. K was convinced my infection was gone he put the new replacement in. I haven't felt this good in years. My knee moves so well and it feels sturdy and strong. I no longer use a cane not walk with a limp and there is NO PAIN or swelling. As far as I'm concerned Dr. K gave me my life back. A good healthy and active life! Thank you just isn't enough!" – Cheryl C.

"Had full knee replacement. Great doctor and great staff, I am very satisfied and looking forward to getting my second one done." – Scott M.  

"I recently had a total knee replacement by Dr. Kunapuli from EOOC. I am 61-years-old and had been limping with pain in my left knee for about 3 years. I had tried everything else, and was finally told that the only option left was a TKR. I am so glad I did it. The first time I stood up just hours after surgery, I could tell the weight-bearing pain in my left knee was gone. Of course, I had to get through the postsurgical pain and the rehab, but now (2 months post surgery) I feel like I have been set free to do the things I love and previously had to either limit or give up. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get back to those outdoor activities I love. Just walking is such a joy now! I would highly recommend Dr. Kunapuli; he was professional and considerate and patient with all my questions. With my osteoarthritis, one of these days I may need to do the same thing with my right knee, and I will definitely go back to the same place. Thank you!" – Valerie H. 

"I was very pleased with my surgery. Dr. Kunapuli is great. My surgery went well & my recovery was quick. I've been able to walk without pain since the first time they stood me up at the hospital." – Judy R.

"Total knee replacement on October 1, 2014. Surgery was total success as far as I'm concerned. Dr. K evaluated my condition and the decision was made to go ahead with the surgery. Everything was done on time and Dr. K was there every morning to check up on the surgery. He recommended physical therapy program which was home health 3 x a week. I followed the instructions and was diligent with the exercises. Kept all of my appointments and am now walking pain-free and able to do all the things I want to do. I have been able to visit family members with homes that have stairs and have been able to enjoy my time with everyone. I would highly recommend Dr. K and staff for any surgery of this nature. He has been informative, kind and very caring about me. Thank you Dr. K!!" – Sandra C.

"I was told at 59, I was younger than many knee replacement patients. I told Dr. Kunapuli I was not ready to sit in a rocking chair. I was an active skydiving Instructor with over 3500 jumps and I did not want to retire. Dr. Kunapuli assured me he was a good enough surgeon to get me back in the air if I was a good enough patient to do the rehab. Well, Dr. Kunapuli did his part and repaired my knee (which I suffered with since age 10 when I initially injured it playing football). I did my part and worked hard in rehab. And my physical therapist, Betsy, created exercises that mimicked the torque on my knee as a tandem skydive instructor. Now over a year later (and an additional 200 skydives) my knee has never felt this strong and be pain-free since I was 10 years old! I am forever grateful for Dr. Kunapuli and his wonderful for getting me back in the air! Blue skies!" - Steve P.

"I had been suffering with severe knee pain due to arthritis and newly diagnosed RA. My leg had started to bow and the pain was inhibiting my everyday activities to the point I was almost immobile.

Dr. Kunapuli  performed knee replacement surgery and fixed the bow in my lower leg. I was in tears the first time the nurses came to get me to walk. Not because of pain, but because I had no pain in the knee joint!!! I could not remember the last time I walked without pain in my knee. He performed a miracle in my life that day. I have become more and more mobile, and today I am a member at our local Red Cross and work out three days a week and take pilates two days a week!

I am due to have knee replacement surgery on my other knee this November and have no doubt that Dr. Kunapuli will be my surgeon! I will always be grateful for the new lease on life he has given me." – Paula S.

"I went to eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center because of hip pain. I saw Dr. Kunapoli and he diagnosed me with a bad hip. He did hip surgery on me and I was up and back to normal within 2 to 4 weeks. The treatment I got with Dr. Kunapoli  is the best treatment I have ever had. He was a great doctor, he knew what he was doing and treated me like an individual instead of like a number. I would recommend anybody with hip problems to go to this doctor for any kind of treatment—he is wonderful. I am doing great now. I have no hip problems and had no repercussions from my hip surgery. Again, Dr. Kunapoli is a great and wonderful doctor." – Elaine S.

"Excellent treatment by all, will recommend to others!" – Homer & Judith K.

"Dr. Kunapuli is what I consider an exceptional surgeon. Not only was my recovery from knee replacement surgery without stress or struggle due to his prescribed therapy, but he was personally involved in my progress and concerned for my well being. I do thank him for my new, strong, pain free knee. May it remain so for the rest of my life in this body." - Lynn F.

"I had been in pain with my hip for 10 months as of June 2015. I was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on Oct. 22nd with another doctor. I didn't feel I could wait that long when a friend told me about Dr. Kunapuli. I was impressed on how quickly I was able to see him and my surgery was scheduled for the following week (June 5th). The surgery was very successful. Dr.Kunapuli and the hospital staff were all very nice, professional, and helpful. I had a great experience and happy to say after 5 weeks that I am back to doing everything I want to do." - Caroline P.

"Dr. Kunapuli replaced a previously replaced knee that had never quit being painful for my mother. The entire process was different from before. The doctor is perfect. My mom has no knee pain. I am now, and will always be, grateful for the knee that Dr. Kunapuli did for mom." - Mike J.

"I had a total knee replacement by a wonderful and caring doctor. He explained every procedure in laymen terms, so I could grasp and not have to second guess. I was given a doctor that is great but all the glory goes to the Lord, since I am blessed as well." - Shirley B.

"My dad had a hip replaced by Dr. Kunapuli. He had never had surgery in his life and he is 82. His usual disdain of doctors and all things medical is legendary in our family. After 7 years of watching him limp and get worse and worse, I finally got him to agree to go to EOOC. I have been in the surgery field as a business mgr for 40 yrs. He finally let Dr. Kunapuli do the surgery at OSH. It was the best surgical experience I've ever seen (I have had 9 surgeries and my mom has had 7). The hospital was fantastic. Dr. Kunapuli proved to be the most excellent surgeon I've ever known. My dad recovered so quickly and so well. I was amazed. Dr. Kunapuli treated him with respect, understanding, and a great sense of humor (you gotta have that to deal with my dad). It was such a dream come true to finally find Dr. Kunapuli and get my dad mobile again! Thanks to all of the staff and especially Dr. Kunapuli." - Luann W.

"I asked to be referred to Dr. Kunapuli in Dec. 2014. He did a total hip replacement on Jan. 23, 2015. I was in the hospital on a Saturday and Sunday and he actually stopped by to see how I was doing. This doctor is so kind and caring that I would recommend him to any of my family or friends that need his help. He also has a wonderful staff helping him." - Karen T.

"EOOC gets an 11 on a scale of 1 -10 from me. My entire experience has been positive. The office staff is friendly and helpful. They treat me like a person rather than a claim number. Dr. Kunapuli is awesome. He takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered and that you understand everything. Beside his surgical skills, I mostly appreciate his personality. He doesn't talk over my head and he speaks to my wife and I as a couple so we both understand. Dr. Kunapuli and EOOC have given back to me the quality of life I had before my accidents." - Charles B.

"I had my left hip replaced. I was happy with how well every thing went. Not much pain and I was up and round and driving in two weeks. Dr. Kunapuli sure knows his job and explains every thing." - Douglas F.

"I wanted to paste a picture here of my husband hiking and rock climbing, but I can't!!! We are thrilled. Period. Life is so good. My husband had a total right hip replacement in July 2014. Within 5 weeks, he was biking, kayaking, and walking without a limp. Last weekend, we went boulder hiking for the first time - January 2015. It was our one year wedding anniversary. What a present. We initially interviewed another "high profile" orthopedic surgeon, and were totally disheartened. He would not listen, would not entertain questions, spent 20 minutes with us and was ready to do surgery the next day. He had no concern of the lifestyle my husband used to have, and wanted again. It was very impersonal. A relative recommended another physician with this group; however, we could not get in to see him quickly, and my husband's hip was almost beyond repair. Dr. Kunapuli was brought up, and as we could see him promptly, we chose to visit him. So glad we did. Dr. Kunapuli was compassionate, interested, quiet, patient and calm. He spent almost 2 hours with us on our initial visit, explaining the procedure, post-operative treatment and issues, and length of recovery, and most importantly, his availability to us FOR ANY ISSUES OR QUESTIONS at, during and beyond the surgery. For a first major surgery, this experience was wonderful. As my husband had waited so long before having the surgery, his post-op recovery period included his body reconditioning itself to a normal gait. Through all this, Dr. Kunapuli and his staff were always available for questions or 'emergency' visits. I cannot say thanks enough to Dr. Kunapuli and staff for all their help and attentiveness. And most importantly, their calming influence! (and the joking...can't forget that).... every day I watch my husband walk, and am so thankful that he can!" - Greg & Donna K.

I am 53 and had been experiencing pain in my right knee due to arthritis. The arthritis had worn away the cushion on one side of my knee. After suffering with this for more than five years my activity level was very low. I could manage to shop or walk for about thirty minutes before my knee was wore out for the day. Enters Dr. Kunapuli. He performed a partial knee replacement. The next day when all feeling was restored to my leg, I had no pain. Besides a few dull aches (that I can count on both hands) within the first two weeks, I have not had any pain at all. After one week I was walking without a crutch or cane. By four weeks out you can hardly tell that I have a limp. Hopefully in a few more weeks I will be walking normally. Thank you Dr. Kunapuli. I have my life back! - Julie C.

"I so wanted to paste a picture here of my husband - hiking/rock climbing...but I can't!!!

We are thrilled.  Period.  Life is so good.  Husband had a total right hip replacement July 2014. Within 5 weeks, he was biking, kayaking, walking without a limp.  Last weekend we went boulder hiking for the first time - January 2015. It was our one year wedding anniversary. What a present :)

We initially interviewed another "high profile" orthopedic surgeon, and were totally disheartened. He would not listen, would not entertain questions, spent 20 minutes with us and was ready to do surgery the next day. He had no concern of the lifestyle my husband used to have, and wanted again. It was very impersonal.

A relative recommended another physician with this group; however, we could not get in to see him quickly, and my husband's hip was almost beyond repair. Dr. K was brought up, and as we could see him promptly, we chose to visit him.  SO glad we did :)   Dr. K was compassionate, interested, quiet, patient and calm.  He spent almost 2 hrs with us on our initial visit, explaining the procedure, post-operative treatment and issues, and length of recovery, and most importantly, his availability to us FOR ANY ISSUES OR QUESTIONS at, during and beyond the surgery. For a first major surgery, this experience was wonderful. As my husband had waited so long before having the surgery, his post-op recovery period included his body reconditioning itself to a normal gait.  Through all this, Dr. K and his staff were always available for questions or 'emergency' visits.

I cannot say thanks enough to Dr. K and staff for all their help and attentiveness - and most importantly, their calming influence! (and the joking...can't forget that).... every day I watch my husband walk, and am so thankful that he CAN!!" - VERY sincerly, Greg & Donna K.

"As a "Baby Boomer," also known as a Senior Citizen, let me begin this letter by saying it's the first "Thank You" letter I have ever written to a physician.  Let me explain more fully.  In September, Dr. Sarat Kunapuli was my surgeon for a total knee replacement on my left leg.  At first, I was a little intimidated by the title "Trauma Surgeon," but as I grew to know him better, my fear of titles left me.  I had never been to a D.O. either, being a rather close-minded M.D. snob. When I questioned Dr. Kunapuli's credentials, he answered me graciously, completely dispelling my uninformed fears and leaving me feeling rather sheepish for asking.  He couldn't have been nicer.  

I've had a number of surgeries during my 73 years and the work has always been competent.  I must say, however, no physician has ever made me feel as cared for as Dr. Kunapuli.  His explanations were thorough, his surgery was first rate, and the outcome has been successful.  The reason I am writing this letter is to thank your medical group for hiring such a skilled surgeon who goes beyond normal doctor care.  My husband and I found him to be engaged in my surgery and offering a degree of caring we had not seen before.  He is called to be what he is, and his bottom line is not the money he makes, though he earns every dime.  For example, he set up an inner-office contact for my husband to send pictures of my knee for his review.  He even called us one Sunday morning, to see how I was feeling.  What doctor do you know who walks those extra miles for his patients?  I've certainly never had one like him before.

My deepest thanks for having the wisdom to add Dr. Kunapuli to the list of outstanding physicians who practice at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedics Center.  He is the most professional, and definitely the most compassionate physician I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  My husband and I, and my left knee, thank you for the professionalism of Dr. Sarat Kunapuli." -- Rev Fran T. Callaway

"Dr. Kunapuli replaced my entire right knee four months ago. I could not be happier with the results. I'm standing straighter, able to walk much better and farther now. The staff at St. Francis was attentive to my needs and treated me very well.  I worked hard with my physical therapist to restore movement in my knee as well as quad and calf strength. I was pretty miserable for a week, but each day after that was better and better. By the end of three weeks, I no longer had any pain in my knee. I would recommend Dr. Kunapuli to anyone needing to have knee replacement surgery. He put me at ease, and explained all my questions with patience." -- Elizabeth M.

"After injections, microsurgery, and a full knee replacement, all with no lasting results, my general practitioner suggested I call Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. I called, told them my story, and was told Dr. Kunapuli would see me. Dr. Kunapuli found my problem. My knee replacement from one year ago had gone bad. If I wanted relief, it would have to be replaced. I was more than pleased with Dr. Kunapuli and his staff as well as the care from Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. Now, four months later, I have no pain for the first time in four years." -- Robert S.

"I had both knees replaced this summer. The first was May 7th, 2014, and the second was July 17th, 2014. I have a few autoimmune factors. I have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and hashimoto’s disease. All of these diseases attack the joints in the body. Both knees went into rapid decline and the pain was awful. Having to walk anywhere almost made me physically ill. I went to see Dr. Kunapuli, and he said that total replacements were needed. He was so kind, explaining things in a way I did not feel like I was being talked down to. The staff at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center was very nice. I have never had an issue there. In fact, it was Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center that did my first surgery in 1973, with Dr. Winslow. I was born with bilateral clubbed feet. So that was taken care of when I was three years old. The recovery of the total knee replacement was hard, but worth it. My first knee that was done healed and had no issues at all. My second knee has been taking longer to recovery. I don't have the pain like I did, just different. Thank you all so much." -- Jacquelyn B.

"When I first met Dr. Kunapuli, I explained while my knees were worn out, I was still active as a skydiving instructor, and I wanted to continue as such after the surgery. Due to a remarkable surgeon and excellent physical therapy, I was able to jump again 10 weeks after my surgery. My knee is structurally stronger than it was before I injured it as a 10-year-old boy, 50 years ago. As I write this, I am three months past surgery, and have already logged over 50 skydives, to my total of 3,500 in the past month. No doubt, without the excellent care I received from Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center’s staff and my physical therapists, I would still either be in pain or worse, "grounded." -- Steve P.

"I was unable to walk properly before coming to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. Dr. Kunapuli agreed to try and fix the problem and DID!! I would trust him with any situation!! He's the best!! Thank you, Dr. Kunapuli!!" -- Kristi M.

"Had anterior hip replacement and it was a breeze! I love Dr. Kunapuli. He is a great doctor.  I highly recommend this practice." -- Anne B.

"I have lived with knee pain for the past 12 years. I moved to Oklahoma a year ago and was referred to Dr. Kunapuli. After my first appointment and careful explanation, a total knee replacement was recommended. For the first time in 12 years, I am pain free. The staff at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center is caring and compassionate. I highly recommend them to anyone who is living with pain. I can never thank Dr. Kunapuli and the staff of Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center enough." -- Amelia C.

"I have been dealing with pain in my right hip for 13 years. It got so bad, I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon, who looked at my x-rays and stated he couldn't do the surgery because I was young and he only did them on older people. He gave me Dr. Kunapuli’s name and phone number and told me he was the best at doing hip surgeries. I held off a few days before I called Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center to try and get an appointment because I figured he would tell me the same thing. I gave in and gave it a shot. They got me in within the week to meet with Dr. Kunapuli. After he looked at x-rays, he told me he didn't know how I was walking because my hip was that bad. He then asked me how soon I wanted to do surgery. I told him as quick as he can do it. He looked at his schedule and said two and half weeks is the quickest I can get you in, which shocked me. I was figuring months. I feel a whole lot better after the surgery. I have been to a few hospitals, doctor’s offices. I have always encountered staff and nurses that were rude or didn't seem like they cared for you but not here at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. The staff is always nice and polite the nurses always cared about how you was feeling and doing. They even called me at home to check up me. Dr. Kunapuli is the best doctor I have ever met. He cared and always explained everything in detail to where regular people can understand what's going on with the surgery and the recovery. If I were told to rate with stars, it would be the highest I could give plus more." -- Chad B.

"In September 2013, I first saw Dr. Kunapuli for possible surgery on my left knee. My x-rays showed that this was my best option. Surgery was scheduled for the middle of October.  In the meantime, while getting a clearance for this surgery from my pulmonary doctor, my right hip broke and I was taken to the emergency room at Saint Francis Hospital.  I called Dr. Kunapuli's office after I was admitted just to let them know why the knee surgery would need to be postponed. Within two hours, Dr. Kunapuli was sitting on the couch in my room. He explained to my husband and me that since I was his patient, he would be doing my surgery and told us in detail about the surgery.  Believe me, I was so shocked to see him there in my hospital room, because I had only seen him once in his office regarding my left knee. 

This is a doctor that truly cares for his patients and gives his all. Doctors like Dr. Kunapuli are hard to find anymore. The hip surgery was a success and I healed completely without any complications. Physical therapy with home health care went very well. My knee surgery had to be put off for a while, due my husband’s illnesses. Finally in March, I was in so much pain that Dr. Kunapuli did my left knee surgery and everything went very well. I then went to Saint Francis Rehabilitation and that was a blessing.  After rehab followed home healthcare and now after six weeks, my knee is working very well.  I can truly say with my right hip and left knee surgeries, I have to give Dr. Kunapuli all the thanks and praise for his expertise in his field.  He is the most caring doctor I have ever known and I have recommended him to everyone I have talked to about hip and knee surgery. Dr. Kunapuli is the best in my opinion. Thank God he came to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center at the time I needed help." -- Rheta H.

"My hip replacement surgery was almost pain free and went as described by Dr. Kunapuli. 5 weeks later, I was off all restrictions and feel like a new man. GREAT JOB!" -- Wayne B.

"I am very satisfied with my left knee replacement. I suffered with pain and shots for three years just to be able to take care of my 2 grand children. It has been four months since my knee replacement. I have returned to water aerobics. My goal is to return to Pilates and be able to walk in the woods, down to the creek with the children." -- Helen F.

"I went to Dr. Kunapuli with a twice-replaced left knee that was very unstable. Even with a custom brace, it buckled many tines a day. Dr. Kunapuli replaced it with a different type of knee. I went home the second day after surgery. Never had any problems with it and I have great motion. Everyone in the office has been very kind and caring. I can do the things I haven't been able to in several years. The simple things in life you miss so much when you can't do them like a walk in the park with the dog, not having to tell kind people you are okay when your knee buckles in the grocery store, and many others. I was able to walk in my front door 3 weeks after surgery and I haven't been able to in years. I have even relearned how to alternate legs when going up the steps. The people at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center have given me back my life." -- Janice W.

"Treated very well at the office. Dr. Kunapuli was very straightforward and explained every part of the knee replacement surgery. After the surgery, it was great that Dr. Kunapuli visited me in the hospital room to check on my recovery and to explain what I would experience next. The staff at the hospital was very professional and treated me with great respect. The physical therapist Brenda was exceptional in the encouragement and treatment she gave me. The entire hospital staff was very professional and accommodating." -- Patrick W.

"I was having a lot of discomfort in my right hip. I saw Dr. Kunapuli and he took the time to explain the x-rays and my options. I elected to have a total hip replacement, which was scheduled in an expeditious manner. The surgery was performed on December 20, 2013. The hospital stay was minimal and the entire staff that cared for me was professional and very courteous. I really appreciated the therapist that came to my home for follow up care. The information and exercises were very helpful in speeding up my ability to get back to normal. I was able to walk with no walker or crutches within two weeks. I also had no need for pain meds after being released from the hospital. After five weeks, my doctor released me from the initial restrictions. I am very pleased with this entire process, and so glad I had the surgery. It has been a little over six weeks since my surgery and I am totally back to my everyday routine. I am still amazed at how little pain and discomfort I experienced and how quickly I recovered. Dr. Kunapuli and his staff are wonderful." -- Karen P.

"I had a left knee unicompartmenpal arthroplasty done. He was very professional. It all went exactly like he explained and the staff is very professional before and after surgery. I would recommend to anyone seeking an excellent job by Dr. Kunapuli. THANKS GREAT JOB!" -- Delacey S.

"I was in a motorcycle wreck on 9/10/2010. I visited a couple of different doctors and when they saw I had previous surgeries with hardware in my hip, they were not interested in doing my surgery. I visited Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and the same thing happened. The receptionist informed me that the doctor I had an appointment with did not take cases with hardware already installed. The receptionist told me that she would send off for my medical records and talk to Dr. Kunapuli. Long story short, Dr. Kunapuli agreed to take my case. He made me feel comfortable from the beginning and said he would do my surgery when I was mentally ready. I was reluctant due to my previous surgeries. Dr. Kunapuli did my surgery. It involved a complete right hip replacement and the removal of excessive bone growth on my hip due to the accident. It is awesome to be pain free for the first time in 3 + years. I know I picked the right doctor for my surgery. He met and exceeded my expectations." -- Ron G.