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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Hardage.

"The personal attention from Dr. Hardage and his entire staff was second to none!" – Terry J.

"After suffering excruciating back pain for over a year, and falling and hurting my back more, I was referred to Dr. Hardage who found I had fractured two vertebrae. He prescribed a pain reliever and referred me to Dr. James Webb, who, within a few days, performed a balloon kyphoplasty which immediately relieved my back pain. Dr.  Hardage is now treating one of my daughters knee pain. We are both very happy with Dr. Hardage's care. He helped me get my life back." - Carroll S.

"Dr. Hardage and his staff were very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. It is my plan to continue using that office for orthopedic treatment." - Wilma F.

"Dr. Hardage is an awesome doctor. He is a good listener, and he tells you specifically what you should and should not be doing to help in your recovery." – Martha H. 

"Isaac Bethea was my provider in Claremore. He worked with me on a terrible right knee. It is bone on bone. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer so cannot consider surgery at this time for my knee. He recommended a series of three injections--it has worked wonderfully! I am now able to be mobile until I finish my cancer therapy. I cannot say enough about Isaac." – Linda B. 

"Dr. Hardage is the most caring doctor!!! He always takes time to listen to you and does everything to solve your problem. You never feel like just a money trap there!!! Love Dr. Hardage and ALL of his staff!!" – Bobbie A. 

"I am very pleased. He is so good and kind. He has helped me each time I go in for problems." -- Liz S.

"I had great service, and friendly employees!" -- Gloria S.

"I am very early in my treatment. I just turned 60, and my body is falling apart. Dr. Hardage has been great. We started with my knees, and he gave me a shot in each knee, and my life was great. I then fell in the flowerbed, and thought I had torn my rotator cuff. I had complained earlier about my back pain from a surgery 42 years ago. Dr. Hardage though we should have an MRI on both. My knees were still feeling great, compared to my back and shoulder. I will fill in the rest of the story later. I just want people to know what a kind caring staff is here at Dr. Hardage's office. He is very compassionate, along with a great staff. The saga continues, but I am continuing with a great doctor and staff, who care for me, and are doing a great job with my ailing body. More to come!" -- Dave W.

"I saw Dr. Hardage on Monday, and that day, they got me an appointment with Dr. Browne for the following Wednesday. Everything about both appointments was very pleasant." -- Patty R.

"Dr. Hardage has done nothing short of an OUTSTANDING job. I have had knee problems and pain, especially the right knee. This has been going on since the 70's, due to bouncing on rescue boats at sea, and later climbing narrow shipboard ladders or stairs for 20 years. I was always on my right leg as the lifting leg. So far, we have made it with out operations on the knees, but we are controlling the pain with shots every 6 months or so, which I can live with.  Dr. Hardage and his staff are the best." -- Gene L.

"I am very satisfied with my left knee replacement. I suffered with pain and shots for three years just to be able to take care of my 2 grand children. It has been four months since my knee replacement. I have returned to water aerobics. My goal is to return to Pilates and be able to walk in the woods, down to the creek with the children." -- Helen F.

"It’s an exceptional experience being treated by Dr. Hardage. During the past few months, he has seen my mother, Olive, who is 98 years old and me. He’s always very professional and makes you feel as if you are his only patient that day. He is never in any rush to push you out." -- Bill B.

"My experience at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center was very positive. I had very little wait for my appointment and the staff was friendly and helpful." -- Linda B.

"Dr. Hardage has been treating my lower-back pain for several years and the epidural steroid injections have definitely helped.  The last one in early February has had the most positive outcome to date.  His caring manner and patience is also greatly appreciated.  Dr. Browne provided a total right-knee replacement in December of 2012 and although the recovery was longer than I had anticipated, I couldn't be happier with it now.  While I only actually saw Dr. Browne twice, his staff was always very helpful and considerate." -- Betty A.

"When I injured my knee at first, I wasn't sure what to do. My husband had knee surgery in the past, so he thought a sports medicine doctor would be able to help me. Dr. Hardage and his team were great! They really listened and worked hard to find the cause of my discomfort. They were also very helpful in finding good and an affordable MRI imaging center on my insurance plan. I would definitely recommend this facility!" -- Heather L.

"When Dr. Hardage first saw me in early 2013, my right knee was already bone-on-bone. I was not prepared to admit to the knee replacement, although I was into my second year of severe chronic pain. I allowed the pain to rule me so consequently, my active lifestyle turned into something that represented counting steps and stairways where ever I went for work and for pleasure. Dr. Hardage worked with me to prescribe physical therapy but again, I came to a personal "tipping point" and knew I was not going to ever get any better with physical therapy. I absolutely did not want my knee to be my defining moment in life! Period.

In December 2013, Dr. Browne gave me my "happy knee" and two months almost to the date of my surgery, I have been released both from Dr. Browne's care (I see him in 1 year!) and from physical therapy.  I am very pleased with every aspect of my care and I am grateful that I now have another lease on life!  I can be active again and I am thankful.

Leading up to the surgery, I worked to lose 10 pounds. I actually only lost 8 pounds, but I believe minimizing the gravity of my body's weight was key to my healing. I also continued to be active at the Claremore Recreation Center, focusing on leg and upper body strength and flexibility. I believe these variables enhanced my overall healing. Dr. Browne told me he would take my pain away and indeed, he has. The knee replacement procedure is not difficult and when the physical therapy exercises are followed consistently, the outcomes are quite positive and rewarding.

I work at Rogers State University, so coming back to work part-time was essential to my total healing.  Although Dr. Hardage has identified a secondary lower back issue, I am very confident the pain management will continue to be resolved and the active lifestyle will be the result in the near future. I believe Dr. Browne, his very capable physician's assistant, and nurses make up a plan of care that is superb.  Everything precisely worked and continues to work, giving me enhanced mobility, strength, and flexibility to accomplish my work at RSU but to also have FUN in life. Thanks you!" -- Susan B., Ph,D.

"Wonderful! I don't know how long he can keep working miracles. And I am encouraged to continue a weight loss program to take weight off my knees." -- Patty R.

"Appointments were on time and very little waiting.  Dr. Hardage is an awesome doctor. He checks everything to try and find where your pain is coming from. He sent me for some therapy, which was helpful. Overall, my experience on a 0-10 scale 10 being the highest, it was a 10." -- Lucy T.

"I was having a lot of lower back pain and problems with my right leg. So my doctor referred me to Dr. Steven Hardage. After my first visit, he took x-rays and found my problem. The discs in my lower back were pressuring my sciatic nerve. He also diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease. I have had 3 steroid shots in my back with no help. But with stretching and care, it's much better if I don't do too much to aggravate it. Since then, he has helped me with my bursitis in my right hip and damaged tendons in my thumbs on both hands." -- Sharon S.

"My son received a knee injury during a college football game and was fortunate enough to be playing in Muskogee. Dr. Hardage is so kind and caring. We appreciate all he does for us. He made time to see my son, the next day and told him to contact him at any time if he had any other issues or concerns. We are so blessed to have such a special and experienced physician as Dr. Hardage. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff!" -- Susie K.

"Every visit I have made to Dr. Hardage's office has been very pleasant. The staff is great with patients.  I will continue to consult him." -- Patty R.

"Dr. Hardage is an awesome caring doctor. My interactions with him are like having a conversation with a friend." -- Doyle P.

"I had hurt my back and struggled with it for a month. It started radiating to my left hip and knee. My knee had no feeling or reflex. Dr Hardage and his very professional staff analyzed my problem. He gave me some exercises, a couple of prescriptions, and within the two weeks my back, hip, and knee were well on their way to recovery. I'm back to doing what I want to do. Thanks for all you guys did." -- Dennis R.

"I was treated by Dr. Hardage for hip discomfort.  Dr. Hardage diagnosed the problem, recommending an injection and physical therapy.  The shot provided immediate relief and the therapy was very effective.  I have returned to my normal routine with no limp and no pain.  Dr. Hardage and his staff were pleasant and professional.  If there should be a recurrence, I will not hesitate to seek his counsel." -- Carol W.

"What a wonderful group of people to have in charge of my knee problems.  They are always on time, listen to all my questions, and help me understand what I'm going through.  Their offices are professional and all employees very friendly.  I can recommend them to anyone." -- Dannie H.

"Excellent staff and doctor!" -- Jeannie S.

"My son, Riley, developed Achilles tendonitis last year in 7th grade and became unable to walk distances or run without considerable pain. (When he asked to leave Six Flags I knew it was serious!) He was referred to Dr. Hardage and is now on the football field again - #54.  More importantly he can walk and run without pain. The staff is very friendly and caring and I feel Dr. Hardage treats his patients and families like he would want to be treated - balancing the desire to play sports and long term effects. I appreciate him and have recommended him to others." -- The mother of Riley B.

"On January 19, 2013 our daughter Rylee fell in our front yard. On January 21, 2013 we saw Dr. Hardage for an X-ray. On the findings of the X-ray he wanted to have an MRI done to further diagnose the break. It appeared on the X-ray there was a weak spot in her bone on the right leg. We saw Dr. Hardage on Tuesday, January 22, and were told that per the first MRI findings she had a soft tissue mass on her bone.  Dr. Hardage said that we would be going to Oklahoma City to an orthopedic oncologist who would help us with this. This is the worst thing that parents can here is that your 13 year old, very active child who lives to dance has cancer.  Per the oncologist instruction, she needed a CT Scan along with the MRIs. We did this and took the results to Dr. Hardage. On arrival at his office we were told that what they thought was a mass was ultimately a butterfly fracture in her bone and the mass that they saw was in fact a piece of the bone that was broken out of her bone. We were elated to say the least. In the months since, Dr. Hardage has seen her multiple times to check on the progress of her healing. We have been truly blessed to have had him as our doctor. Rylee was able to compete in dance competitions at her dance school and on June 1, 2013, along with his own daughter, Dr. Hardage was able to watch Rylee dance at her recital. This was a very surreal moment considering what we were told and what the outcome was. I am forever grateful for Dr. Hardage and his staff. He is an amazing man and friend!!!" -- Rylee F.

"Riley's arm has healed completely, and she is bouncing around and back to her usual rambunctious self! Thanks to Dr. Hardage and his friendly staff, my four year old has no fear to see the doctor!" -- Randa F.

"I am having a second knee replacement. Dr. Hardage kept me going for almost two years after my first knee. Dr. Browne did my first knee, and I did so well I wanted him to do my second knee." --Patricia A.

"Dr Hardage is the best doctor you have. He is the best" --Ernie R.

"I was able to get an appointment right away after a fall. All visits were very pleasant, and the results of my visit not only treated my fall, but ongoing knee pain with success. The staff and Dr. Hardage are very professional as well as fun and comforting." --Patty R.

"This was not my first experience with an orthopedic specialist, but it was, by far, my best experience. Dr. Hardage is well-respected in Claremore. He is a careful professional who truly cares for his patients. Dr. Hardage is an excellent representative of EOOC along with other members of this medical group. (I have previously been a patient of Dr. Rahhal and have referred others who needed shoulder surgery to him.)" --Caroline S.

"I am what you would call a "klutz," and over the years, I have injured myself numerous times. Dr. Hardage is always my go-to doctor. My 15-year-old son has had a bad case of clumsies in the last 6 months too, and I never thought twice about who to take him to. Dr Hardage and his staff are awesome! He has also seen my husband and daughter. My entire family goes to him for all of our orthopedic needs, and he is always the first person I recommend to friends and family. He always takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions. I don't think there is a more awesome doctor out there - you can tell he truly cares for his patients. I have never felt like I am a knee injury or shoulder injury; he always makes me feel like I am Patty with a knee injury." --Patty L.

"I had injured my knee after twisting it and it just never got better and the pain got worse. I made an appointment with Dr. Hardage and found I had a secondary fracture.  He was very thorough and very nice. I felt I had extremely good care with him and he took time with me to explain the injury to me." -- Doug D.

"I was very impressed with my whole experience at Dr. Hardage's office. He and his staff were wonderful." -- Lisa K.

"Sitting in his waiting room you can see how much he truly cares for his patients.  He is a "regular" person and really seems to understand a mothers concern when her child is injured. God Bless Dr. Hardage!!!!" -- Breanne T.

"Dr. Hardage was very personable and took his time. He listened to my opinion and discussed all options well and expressed great bedside manner as well as professionalism. Very impressed!" -- Chelsie H.

"Dr. Hardage has a very friendly and efficiently run office and caring staff. He is a very good doctor that deeply cares for his patients.  I'm very impressed with the attention he gives to any situation." -- Mary L.

"I was very pleased with the attention and care given by Dr. Hardage. I came to Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center because I had injured my left thumb. Dr. Hardage explained what had occurred and gave me some options for treatment.  He and I agreed that an injection and healing time should be the first treatment." -- Karen R.

"I am 71 years old and have been fighting osteoarthritis for a number of years now. I had a total hip replacement in 2003 and am scheduled for a right knee replacement on December 14th. Dr. Hardage is compassionate, understanding, and always takes time to really listen to me. He has kept me reasonably comfortable for the last several years through ESI's and cortisone shots in my knee and my shoulder. Dr. Hardage is my idea of the perfect physician. He takes the time necessary to treat the whole patient and he listens!" -- Beth A.

"Dr. Hardage and his staff were kind and compassionate with their care. The office atmosphere made me feel relaxed. I felt the doctor was very honest and let me participate in the treatment decisions. We are lucky to have Dr. Hardage in Claremore." -- Linda K.

"Our experience with Dr. Hardage was great. My 7-year-old son broke his leg and his primary doctor refered us to him. Dr. Hardage gave us straightforward information so we were informed and would know what to expect. Dr. Hardage never jumped into any unneeded tests or MRI's. It is great to have a solid orthopedist in Claremore so we would not have to travel to Tulsa every time we had an appointment. Finally, if any of my family members ever has another unfortunate accident and we need an orthopedist, we will definitely head back to Dr. Hardage at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center." -- Adrian  W.

"I injured my hip (torn labrum) while working at my church. I went to my primary care physician, and after several other referred doctors, I saw Dr. Hardage. We went through several tests and procedures before isolating what was causing my pain. Ultimately, I had to have a THR, which I am currently recovering from. The blessing of Dr. Hardage was that he didn't give up when the source of the pain was hard to isolate. He was patient and stuck with me! In the current state of medicine, this is hard to find. He also listens when you tell him something and follows up by calling and checking on you!" -- Rebecca K.

"My story starts in New Orleans, as I was their serving as Chaplain for the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief after hurricane Isaac. I had been there seven days and the morning we were to go home that night, I slipped on melted ice came and landed full weight on my left knee. I experienced pain and huge swelling immediately and I sat down to try to decide what to do. The EMT'S tried to get me to go to the hospital there, but I was not comfortable with that. I had my children call Dr. Hardage to make an appointment. As soon as I got home (from the time I fell till I got home was 32 hours), he was very concerned and told them what to tell me to do about not getting blood clots. Dr. Hardage said he would meet me the second I arrived no matter what time it was. I have never heard that from a doctor before. The next morning he was so very kind and had X-rays ready in no time to tell my husband and I that my kneecap was broke. It has been five weeks now and he has really watched after me. I’m in the process of healing and I cannot thank him enough for being there for me and the good advice he has given me. Thanks again, Dr. Hardage." -- Sharon J.

"I have been experiencing a great deal of pain in both of my knees for quite some time. Dr. Hardage recommended a series of three shots in each knee over a period of three weeks and I have had two so far. My pain has gotten about 90 percent better and I feel great." -- Marshall M.

"I had extreme left knee pain. My diagnosis was osteoarthritis. Dr. Hardage gave me a list of steps we would take to see what worked best for me. I have gone through diet and exercise, Meloxicam, Cortisone, a three shot series that has had the best results. I am comfortable now and can do everything I was doing before my knee pain started." -- Linda C.