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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Emel.

"Four weeks prior to USA Ultimate Masters Midwest Regionals I tore my hamstring pretty bad. Dr. Emel put me on an aggressive PT routine and the entire staff and facility were exceptional. I was able to play in a limited role at regionals and the Tulsa Ultimate Federation's Master team, Outlaw, qualified for Nationals. Eight weeks after my injury I played 100% healthy in the national championship tournament in Denver, CO." – Daniel N.  

"Dr. Emel was very professional, straightforward and kind - with a sense of humor. He was always on time and thorough. He determined what was the best course for recovery - and set a plan in motion - and it worked perfectly. I would recommend him highly." – Toni S.

"Just a quick note about my 14 yr. old son and my experience being served by EOOC staff.  

In this day and age, we hear about good customer service and efficiency and many times with regard to the medical industry, can be disappointed.

I'd like to say our experience with the EOOC staff from initial reception, to nurse, to X-ray technician, to physical therapy and check out, that this is a professional, and for us, a friendly environment that demonstrates efficiency and care throughout the entire Orthopedic Center. 

So, THANK YOU for a great first impression of Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center!" – Greg J.

"EOOC and their staff are the absolute best staff to have on your side, it is nice to have doctors and nurses and staff that truly care about you and your issues and want to see you well in a timely matter!!!! Thank you and God Bless" – Megan G.

"Doctor Emel has a vast knowledge of sports injuries and how to treat them in both the short term and long. He has treated me for many years and I would recommend him to anyone." – Charles D. 

"He was kind, patient, took his time treating my daughter who is 14 and had a sports injury. He was direct with her, he did a thorough evaluation and didn't just send us for an MRI. Which she didn't need so it saved us money! After our experience with Dr. Emel we will not go anywhere else now." – Lacey H. 

"Dr. Emel was great! I had never had a broken bone before and he took great care of me!" – Gwenda A. 

"I am 56 years old I broke my ankle in a hunting accident, when I was referred to EOOC, I was excited because my husband was being treated under a different doctor for his back. Dr. Emel was very understanding and told me I was lucky because the break had only separated but had not moved so that I did not have to have surgery. I was under his care from November to early January and my ankle is doing great. The people in the office were always kind and very considerate and worked to get my husband and my appointments on the same day because of the distance we had to drive. I hope that I never need his services again for myself, but I would recommend him to anyone who had an injury like mine." – T. M.  

"Dr. Emel and staff have been very helpful with my knee problems. Office visits are fast and courteous." - Joe E.

"Had an accident that caused severe rotator cuff damage. The surgery and follow up care has been a definite 10. Dr. Rahhal is definitely the go to doctor if one needs shoulder surgery." - Wendall H.

"I moved desks at work and due to different seating positions and desk setup, it resulted in not only shoulder pain, but also elbow pain. One visit, some exercises, and a steroid shot solved everything. Thank you!" - Sally M.

"I had knee and ligament pain. Another orthopedic surgeon had advised me that I had a torn meniscus, which needed surgery to correct. After reviewing the MRI, I decided to get a second opinion at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. Dr Emel examined me, and administered a cortisone shot in the affected knee 9 months ago. He gave me some physical therapy exercises and some steroid compound to rub on the knee. I have been fine ever since without pain. Thank you Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and Dr. Emel!" -- Dominic O.

"My family has been patients at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center since the late 1980’s. My first doctor, and actually my last doctor, to see at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center is Dr. Emel.  A fine man and doctor to my sons (soccer, bicycle accidents) and to me.  Dr. Mauerman operated on my middle son's elbow after a soccer accident. He was great!  This son ended up doing an internship through Holland Hall with Dr. Rahhal. I will never forget the discussion over dinner about the hip replacement he was lucky enough to watch! Dr. Bischoff is a great hand surgeon and did a surgery on each of my thumbs. Dr. Rahhal is GREAT! He did surgery on my shoulder and is currently looking after "older" knees. My experience has been wonderful with all of the doctors we have seen over the years! We would never have made it through the teenage years with three sons without Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center!" -- Patricia R.

"I saw Dr. Emel in 2012 for back pain.  I had worked with a different orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist previously, but continued to have recurring back pain and a lack luster response from this other practice. I got a referral from a friend to try out Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and specifically Dr. Emel. I went in and reviewed my MRI's with Dr. Emel.  He was able to identify that my hips had not been addressed in previous treatments and sent me to work with Stephen Mace, DPT in physical therapy. To use Dr. Emel's phrase, "Let's see if Stephen can work his magic on you."   Stephen did just that and did an excellent job!  Within two months, I could feel things were improving and by the end of treatment, I was pain free. Thanks to Dr. Emel and Stephen, I was able to take up running again.  I can’t say enough for these two guys!  Wish I had started at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center first.  I feel like Stephen and Dr. Emel actually listened to what I said and were able to figure out the root cause of my issue instead of treating a symptom. Cannot thank these two enough!" -- Chris L.

"My recent injury:  I called Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center because I had injured my left knee. Dr. Brown, my knee doctor, was not available. However, they were able to get me an appointment the same morning with Dr. Emel. Dr. Emel was in pain also suffering from a bad knee. He was sympathetic, explained the x-rays, and set me up with some exercises from the therapy group. I am still recovering as my knee is basically worn out. Hopefully, it will last a little longer. My experience at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center was very good. I'm very thankful that I could be seen quickly and with compassion. Over the years, I've been able to rely on Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center for help with heal spurs, knee care, and a knee replacement. Thanks to all!" -- Janice G.

"Dr. Emel is great! I saw him regarding my knees. He was very patient and gave me exercises, which worked.  I received one shot in the right knee. I am back to doing yoga without pain. I recommend him highly." -- Doris B.

"A number of years ago, I experienced a rear end collision.  At the time, I thought I was not injured but within a couple of weeks, I began to suffer from sciatic pain in my right leg.  When the pain refused to subside and grew worse, I made an appointment with Dr. T. Jeffery Emel.  I asked if there were treatment options that did not involve back surgery and or RX pain medications.  He prescribed epidural injections and physical therapy. The combination has been very successful in allowing me to manage my sciatic nerve problem without surgery. Dr. Emel's approach has improved my quality of life significantly and allowed me to avoid the surgery I feared." -- Billy D.

"I had both knees replaced and my thumb & elbow treated for sport related injuries. Knee replacements are 100% successful." -- Gary S.

"I have been seeing Dr. Emel since October 2012 for pain in my neck, back, and  right shoulder. I have had these problems for quite some time. Most of the problems occured while in the Marine Corps, and I never got diagnosed or treated properly. Since seeing Dr. Emel, he has not only diagnosed me, but is trying everything he can to improve my injuries. My job as a heavy equipment technician is very vigorous and both Dr. Peterson and Dr. Emel have put procedures in place to help me with that aspect. I feel that my doctors have gone above and beyond to try to help me and make my life better." --Benjamin W.