Local law enforcement officer returns to horseback after 3 joint replacements

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Catherine Curtin, local law enforcement officer, and avid horse rider, feared having to part ways with her property and horses due to debilitating osteoarthritis pain. 

Unable to walk without terrible pain and prevented from sleeping, Curtin was not able to do the necessary upkeep so she decided to see joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Christopher Browne with Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center.

To help her get back on her horses, Curtin underwent two hip replacements and a knee replacement, separate surgeries performed by Dr. Browne.

Dr. Browne says, “I tell my patients that they are not seeing me because they have an arthritic joint. They see me because they cannot do the things they want to do and participate in life. By replacing the arthritic joint, they are able to return to the activities they love.”

Within months of her second hip replacement, Curtin felt healthy enough to return to horseback.

 “The first time getting on a horse after having my hips replaced was amazing,” says Curtin. “And after I had my right knee done, I told Dr. Browne that he was a miracle worker.”

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