Local Woman Can Walk, Live Pain-Free After Spine Surgery

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After suffering a disc slip, Broken Arrow resident Susan Higganbotham was experiencing leg paralysis and debilitating pain. She came to see Dr. Karsa Ahmadinia at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center and was scheduled for a minimally invasive spine lumbar fusion.
"Minimally invasive spine lumbar fusions allow for significant improvement in function and pain relief for patients, with little recovery time." says Dr. Ahamdinia.
A traditional open surgery uses larger incisions, and the muscles are pulled away from the bone to access the spine. In a minimally invasive spine procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the front or side of the body and uses small instruments and a camera to perform the fusion with little disruption to the muscles. Dr. Ahamdinia is one of the only surgeons in Tulsa to perform minimally invasive spine procedures. 
To learn more about minimally invasive spine procedures, call (800) 283-3662 to schedule an appointment.