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Primary Care Sports Medicine

Athletes of all levels, whether children, middle-aged, or senior citizens, rely on healthy bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments to stay active. Primary care sports medicine is a specialty field where doctors not only have a keen understanding of musculoskeletal injuries, but also the expertise of how athletics can affect any aspect of the human body.

At Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center, our primary care sports medicine specialists are leaders in the field of sports medicine; they are involved in education, research, and hands-on field experience. Through advanced fellowship training and a gained clinical skill-set, our primary care sports medicine team provides the highest level of care to athletes of all ages, sports, and levels of competition.

At Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedics, our primary sports medicine doctors specialize is all aspects of medicine as it relates to the athlete and sports participations. Whether an acute, chronic, or overuse injury, our specialized team has the knowledge to evaluate, diagnose, and develop a strategic, individualized plan, focusing on the use of nonsurgical, conservative treatment methods. With an emphasis on rehabilitation modalities, casting techniques, bracing, medication, and injections, our specialists’ goal is to return athletes to their previous levels of activity.

In addition to their role as sports medicine specialists, our doctors are leaders in orthopedic education. At Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center, we provide fellowship training in sports medicine and primary care sports medicine. To learn more about our fellowship program, click here

Why choose Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center?

Our primary care sports medicine doctors at Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center have completed additional training specifically in sports medicine. With this advanced training, our primary care sports medicine doctors, Dr. T. Jeffrey Emel and Dr. Steven Hardage, have the training, experience, and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your sports medicine injury individually to your needs.

To consult with one of our primary care sports medicine doctors, please request an appointment online or call (800) 283-3662.